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Wireless Sports Unveils Hoop Tracker™, the World’s First Basketball Watch to Analyze and Record Real-Time Shooting Percentages

27 Aug 2013

Miami – August 27, 2013 – Wireless Sports, an entrepreneurial tech company specializing in wearable sports technology, announces Hoop Tracker, the world’s first basketball watch to deliver in-depth analysis of your shooting percentages. Data obtained from each shooting session can be easily uploaded to Hoop Tracker’s software to analyze and improve shooting performance.

“Practice is the key to success in a sport like basketball, and since it’s impossible to have a coach on standby 24/7, having a tool like Hoop Tracker can be invaluable for tracking progress and improving overall technique,” says Wireless Sports CEO Jason Duke. “We have high hopes for Hoop Tracker and are currently pursuing strategic partners to bring it to market.”

How does it work?

The Hoop Tracker has two components that work to develop in-depth analysis of each shot: the lightweight watch is worn on your non-shooting wrist, while the shot detector is attached to the rim using the mounting pole. The watch and rim detector work simultaneously to identify the make or miss of every shot taken. Data recorded includes where the shot was taken and if the basketball hit the backboard, rim, or activates the internal lever. The only shot not automatically detected is an air ball. In this case, the player pushes the air ball button located on the side of the watch, recording the attempt as a missed shot. All statistics are later uploaded to the Hoop Tracker software for further analysis.

Hoop Tracker Software

Although instant data is displayed on the watch, these measurements are only the beginning of unparalleled insight into a player’s shooting development. Through HoopTracker.com, players can create a free account and upload watch data from each shooting session. The homepage “dashboard” will show a half court diagram displaying the player’s shooting performance, similar to viewing a professional player’s box score. With a variety of modes players can observe their strengths and areas for improvement from every major shooting area on the court.

“Basketball is the #1 team sport played in the Unites States with over 23 million participants,” Duke reports. “Despite the rapid growth of wearable technology, Hoop Tracker is the first of its kind to provide instant feedback, making training or shooting around more fun, competitive and productive.”

Hoop Tracker data includes:

  • Number of shots taken
  • Overall shooting, field goal, free throw and 3 point percentages
  • Short, medium and long range distance accuracy
  • Left, right and center courtside accuracy
  • Consecutive shots made and missed
  • Points scored
  • Duration of shooting session
  • Calories burned

Different modes for different occasions:

  • Design your own unique shooting program to track your progress over time
  • Select training mode with goals for improving areas of weakness
  • Coaches can customize and monitor shooting performance for up to 15 players using Coach Mode

How do you compete?

With every sport comes the competition factor. Through HoopTracker.com, players can download games and compete with friends for awards and trophies. Every milestone achieved and award given will be sharable through Facebook and Twitter.

For additional information on Hoop Tracker, check out the video or visit HoopTracker.com. The Hoop Tracker will later retail for $199 and is expected to ship Q1 2014.

About Wireless Sports:
Wireless Sports is a start-up company based out of South Florida, focused on the emerging market of wearable sports technology.  Founded by Jason Duke in 2010, Wireless Sports merges cutting-edge innovation with real-time sensor data, to develop sports and fitness products that help athletes obtain maximum results. Jason spent the last 9 years in the sports nutrition industry with BSN, one of the most prominent and successful sports nutrition companies in the world, intensifying his passion and expertise for sports and technology. For more information, check us out at HoopTracker.com and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



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