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WePlenish Reveals World’s First Smart Container that Automatically Reorders Pantry Essentials

30 May 2018

The WePlenish Java is the first smart container that senses when pantry must-haves are low and automatically reorders more, so you never run out

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – WePlenish, makers of smart containers that are shaping the pantry of the future, today announces the Java Smart Container, the first smart container that automatically reorders your favorite coffee pods, espresso capsules, tea, snacks and other pantry essentials when supplies run low. Through its integration with Amazon Dash Replenishment, the WePlenish Java saves you time and effort with an easier way to shop, so you never run out of your must-haves again. The WePlenish Java is available on Kickstarter today with Early Bird special pricing starting at $20.

With the invention of smart containers that have built-in sensors to detect product levels and Wi-Fi to automatically place orders, WePlenish aims to automate the entire pantry as it carves its path in the future of shopping and the smart kitchen. The WePlenish Java is the first and only smart container integrated with Dash Replenishment.

“We started WePlenish because we believe the future of the smart home depends on automation. Our vision is to automate the entire pantry,” says WePlenish founder Ro Grosman. “It’s a home where technology does the work for you, saving you time and effort, so you can do more of the things you love.”

“Dash Replenishment makes it easy for device makers to build automatic replenishment into devices, offering a differentiated, convenient experience that helps keep customers’ homes running smoothly,” says Dean Seifert, General Manager, Amazon Dash. “WePlenish Java is another great example of how Dash Replenishment can help simplify customers’ lives ‒ simply set up Dash Replenishment, and Amazon delivers everyday essentials like coffee pods or pantry must-haves, the moment supplies run low.”

The Java Smart Container saves time and effort by automating the mundane task of re-ordering or running out to buy pantry essentials, so you have more time spent on family, friends and fun. The smart container replenishes your favorites like coffee pods, espresso capsules, coffee creamers, sweeteners, snacks and more from favorite brands like Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Nespresso, Dunkin’ Donuts, KIND and RXBAR, so you never break your morning routine.

Here’s how it works:

The set-up is simple – just connect to Wi-Fi using the WePlenish app, select the pantry item you’d like to reorder and let WePlenish do the rest. WePlenish Java uses smart sensors to detect inventory levels in your smart container and springs to action when supplies are running low, using Wi-Fi to automatically replenish coffee pods and other pantry must-haves to keep them in stock. Over time, WePlenish learns your habits, favorite brands and flavors, and recommends other items you’ll love.

Available in glossy white or black finishes, the WePlenish Java’s minimalist design complements any home or office – display it on your countertop along with your coffee pod machine or stow the battery-powered, cordless smart container in your pantry for an organized home.

WePlenish Compatible Consumables*


For the full list of compatible consumables, visit WePlenish.com.

*Consumables are subject to change based on availability at time of order.

About WePlenish

At WePlenish, we believe the future of the smart home depends on automation. A home where technology does the work for you, saving you time and effort, so you can do more of the things you love. Our vision is to automate the entire pantry.

Smart replenish today, save time & effort tomorrow.

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