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Watteam Unveils PowerBeat™: the First Add-On Professional-Grade Power Meter Available at an Affordable Price

17 Aug 2015

Watteam PowerBeat Installed

Online registration opens today for affordable power meter that offers solution for budget-conscious cyclists to track power data as well as exact cadence

Irvine, Calif. – Watteam breaks ground with the release of PowerBeat™, the first add-on, professional-grade power meter available for an affordable $499, a package that includes both a left and right power meter. The small, non-intrusive PowerBeat provides riders with normalized, average and maximum power data as well as exact cadence. Offering cyclists an easy do-it-yourself solution, PowerBeat works on hollow aluminum cranks, no matter the year or make, with an aluminum and carbon-compatible version set to release in 2016. Ideal for road cycling, PowerBeat delivers reliable data under all environmental conditions, and independently delivers both right and left leg force measurements.

Online registration to purchase PowerBeat opens today for U.S. based customers at www.watteam.com. Early registrants have the opportunity to purchase the limited supply of PowerBeat on August 31and September 1. Non-registrants can purchase the following day, on September 2. The product is slated to ship in the U.S. at the end of 2015.

Watteam co-founder and CEO, Ofir Gal-on, is an elite cycling coach with vast experience training professional and master racers. “My passion for riding motivated me to create a pro-level power meter that’s easy to install and use,” he said. “In an industry where expensive power meters have become the norm, we are offering a power meter that is not only affordable but also one that provides the necessary metrics that cyclists need to reach peak performance.”

Watteam PowerBeat Full Kit

PowerBeat uses advanced strain gauge measurement technology to detect power output and provide users with precise, accurate and consistent data. Built from rods and springs and weighing only 24 grams on each side, two patented mechanical sensors attach to both crank arms, sense pedal stroke up to the millisecond and record the direct and immediate torque applied. The sensor then feeds the data to PowerBeat’s patented algorithm, located inside the comp units, where it is translated to accurate power data. The comp unit then transmits the data via ANT+ or low power Bluetooth (BLE) to a Smartphone or cycling computer, enabling live tracking of a rider’s energy output. PowerBeat offers universal software compatibility. The PowerBeat app is free for iOS and Android users.

The do-it-yourself installation process features video instruction guides for a quick and easy experience. The PowerBeat kit includes two sensors that attach to a bike’s crank and two comp units that attach to each pedal. The comp units feature a rechargeable battery, which lasts 80 hours. The kit also includes a USB compatible battery charger and all the tools needed to attach and calibrate the PowerBeat before hitting the road.

Online registration for Watteam’s PowerBeat is open now for U.S. residents at www.watteam.com. The product is slated to ship at the end of the year.

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About Watteam
Based in California, with research and development performed in Israel, Watteam is a team of cyclists who create professional-grade products for cyclists. Motivated by a passion for riding, and knowing how a high end power meter should perform, Watteam created PowerBeat™, the first add-on professional-grade power meter that is available at an affordable price. PowerBeat uses patented technology to provide riders with normalized, average and maximum power data as well as exact cadence. PowerBeat works with aluminum cranks, no matter the year or make. Learn more about Watteam and PowerBeat™ by visiting www.watteam.com

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