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4 Jan 2015

During 2015 we’ll expand the Urbanear’s product family with an accessory line developed with the travel buff, music junkie and commuter in mind. The kits will be released throughout the year and will include the essentials you might need at the next flight overseas, your next big gig or when you’re stuck in traffic.

The accessories are developed with a big portion of Urbanears DNA. You’ll recognize the fabric cables and tags and the genius SnapConstruction that lets you attach the pieces together and keep track on them at all times.

The first accessories to hit the stores this spring are the Thunderous Lightning Cable, the Concerned Micro-USB Cable and the Helpful Phone Case, for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. Available in 7 different colors – Black, Dark Grey, Tomato, True White, Chick, Jam and Mint. You’ll find them at select Urbanears retailers worldwide, and online at by March 24th.


This USB 2.0 cable for synching and charging comes in two versions with the micro-USB and the lightning connector. The robust fabric cable is reinforced with a protective metal shield, which helps to minimize disturbance. Strain relief collars make the cable sturdier for long-term durability. It has a perfect length and the CableLoop feature bends 180 degrees to hold your cable in place. It takes up no extra space in your pocket, travel bag or laptop case – this is your solution for a tangle-free life on the go.


This is a helpful cell phone case with hidden talents. It protects your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 and provides a slim fit that wraps snugly around the volume buttons, sleep/wake button and the ring/silent switch. The outside is a sturdy plastic shell with rubber coating that offers a comfortable non-slip grip. On the inside you’ll find a hidden slot for your metro card so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it ever again.


Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Urbanears makes headphones that fit your everyday life. Supplying the perfect listening device for anyone with a pocket full of music and a wish to make the most of it, Urbanears models are designed to optimize sound and captivate self-aware customers by matching preferences in size, style, design, function and relation to music. Other companies may try to emulate the brand, but Urbanears is the original in colorful headphones.

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Valerie Guerra

Senior Account Manager

Max Borges Agency for Urbanears