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Unmonday, Brings a New Twist to Wireless Audio with the First-Ever Portable Dolby Surround Sound, Expandable, Independent Ceramic Airplay Speaker on Kickstarter

16 Oct 2012

The Unmonday 4.3L allows you to build a Mono, Stereo, or Dolby Surround sound system with up to five hexagonal speakers with no transmitters, audio wires, or separate controllers – simply roll it to change the audio channel

Helsinki, Finland  – Unmonday, a new Finnish speaker company, announces the Unmonday 4.3L, an independent Airplay speaker, which features a patented hexagonal porcelain enclosure that delivers superlative sound for the discerning audiophile, all without the messy wiring and cheap plastic parts often found in existing alternatives. The Unmonday 4.3L speaker, the first portable Dolby Surround speaker, can be played anywhere and allows you to listen to your sound in three ways, Mono, Stereo or Dolby Surround sound. The Unmonday 4.3L also allows you to wirelessly connect and stream your music or movie soundtracks through one or five speakers placed throughout the house via an expanded wireless network range thanks to the built in Apple Airplay technology. Each speaker features an Alpair 10 full-range driver and includes a motion sensor that helps determine the speaker’s position, allowing the speaker to be assigned one of five Dolby Surround channels, simply by rotating the device. Audiophiles can pre-order the Unmonday 4.3L for $499 at www.kickstarter.com until Thursday, November 8th, 2012.

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“Listening to music, wherever you are, should not involve a mess of wires or a tiresome, and often mysterious, hardware pairing process,” says Jarkko Jamsen, co-founder and CEO of Unmonday. “We came up with the idea of an embedded interface for changing the audio channels because we wanted to create a simplistic design that eliminated typical software or hardware button channel assignment. The result was the invention of a completely new channel assignment technology that can be changed by simply rolling the unit to one of its sides.”

The Unmonday is expandable, portable, durable and completely accessible. Designed and built in Finland by professional craftsmen, this is the perfect speaker for every situation from watching movies in surround-sound, to gaming in stereo-sound or listening to music in good old mono sound.

  • Expandable – Build a Mono, Stereo, or Dolby Surround sound system with one, or up to five, hexagonal speakers.
  • Portable – Featuring 10 hours of battery life, and a contemporary leather case, portable speakers have never been this stylish or this powerful.
  • Quality Built – Unmonday speakers will be made by professional craftsmen from the very best materials. The patented hexagonal ceramic housing provides a superlative soundboard for the Alpair 10 full range driver.
  • Durable and Accessible – The porcelain housing is built to last a lifetime, as well as provide an easy access to internal components.
  • Optimal Sound -The custom amplifier is made to measure and deliver optimal results from both the ceramic housing’s acoustic soundboard and the Alpair 10 driver.

Unmonday will include a free application for managing multiple speakers allowing users additional control over their system including adjusting volume or monitoring battery levels on multiple devices. In addition, new Unmonday 4.3L owners can purchase the Lumi accessories high quality leather case for total carrying protection.

For more information about Unmonday, visit www.unmonday.com.

About Unmonday:

Unmonday is a new Finnish speaker company that was born outside office hours and without limitations of ordinary product design. Their first product, the Unmonday 4.3L was designed with the goal to create the best possible speaker. The fact that it ended being something totally new was just a coincidence.


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