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Ultra-bright, flexible, and streamlined – Eve Light Strip delivers 1,800 lumens, superb expandability, and effortless installation

6 Jan 2019

Munich, January 6, 2019 – Eve Systems today announced Eve Light Strip, the brightest HomeKit-enabled LED strip to date. With up to 1,800 lumens and premium triple-diode architecture for full-spectrum white and millions of colors, Eve Light Strip is perfect for accent lighting as well as general lighting purposes. The 6.6 ft strip can be cut at 1 ft intervals to accomodate smaller fittings and fixtures, such as picture frames and cabinets, or extended up to 32.8 ft to adorn stairways and suspended ceilings, flooding entire spaces with shadow-free light. By combining HomeKit technology with Wi-Fi networking, Eve Light Strip eliminates the need for a bridge and makes installation and automation a breeze. Eve Light Strip will be available online from the Eve Store and Apple for USD $79.95, starting February 2019.

“A big effect at a small price is what customers expect from an LED strip, but too often they end up with results that look dim, lackluster, or cheap,” says Jerome Gackel, CEO, Eve Systems. “Thanks to industry leading specs and Eve’s superior HomeKit integration, Eve Light Strip is the perfect choice for any kind of application.”

By connecting via Wi-Fi to an iPhone, HomePod, or Apple TV, Eve Light Strip ensures a simple setup and eliminates the need for a bridge. At 6.6 ft in length – which can be cut to size or extended up to 32.8 ft, and bent around corners – Eve Light Strip brings any solid surface to life. Apple Home and the Eve app make it easy to set the perfect atmosphere with a quick tap or Siri voice command. Scenes can also make multiple accessories work together, all upon single command. For example, a “Movie Night” scene will turn on Eve Light Strip in combination with a television connected to a smart switch. Scenes can even be set to work automatically based on the time, the owner’s location, actions, and more – courtesy of a home hub.


  • Full-spectrum white and color thanks to premium triple-diode architecture
  • 1800 lumens for ultra-bright, whole-room ambience
  • Tell Siri to switch on/off, dim, and brighten using your voice
  • Activate preset colors and easily create your own favorites
  • Cut or extend: 6.6 ft – extend up to 32.8 ft using 6.6 ft extension strips
  • Flexible and self-adhesive: peel and stick in and around corners
  • HomeKit-enabled: unparalleled ease of use and advanced security
  • Easy setup: direct connection, no bridge or gateway required


Pricing & Availability

Eve Light Strip will be available online from the Eve Store and Apple for USD $79.95, starting February 2019. 6.6 ft extension strips will be available online for USD $49.95.

About Eve

Eve Systems builds beautiful connected home products that set superior standards of comfort, safety, and control. Products that turn everyday experiences into fulfilling moments that endure.

Engineered in-house to combine seamless software with elegant hardware, Eve integrates into Apple HomeKit flawlessly, intuitively, and most importantly, securely. Because privacy is paramount, and what happens at home, must stay at home.

Established in 1999, our company has an extensive history of developing premium products that enrich the Apple ecosystem, notably under the brands EyeTV and Elgato. Eve Systems is privately held with headquarters in Munich, Germany.


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