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Automatically Tune Your Guitar In Seconds With The TronicalTune Cybertronic Tuning System

31 Oct 2013

TronicalTune is a retrofit robotuning device that tunes your guitar at the push of a button and strum of the strings

Hamburg, Germany – (October 31, 2013) – The TronicalTune is a revolutionary device for electric and acoustic guitars alike that seamlessly self-tunes your guitar in a matter of seconds, all the while preserving the integrity and tone of your instrument. The first system musicians can retrofit to guitars, TronicalTune installs to the back of a guitar’s headstock without the need of professional installation or alteration. Featuring 18 different tunings, (12 factory presets and 6 user presets) musicians are now able to switch between tunings in seconds by simply pushing a button and strumming the strings. The TronicalTune has a suggested price of $329 in chrome and vintage pearl, $349 in black, and $369 in gold.

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The TronicalTune consists of a miniaturized low profile micro-controller and six motorized tuning pegs, which insert onto the back of the headstock replacing the existing pegs. After a 10-minute installation, utilizing a patented surface-lock locking tuner, TronicalTune provides an easier way to attach your strings and even includes a self-winding mode. After selecting a tuning preset and strumming the strings, a piezoelectric sensor picks up the vibrations and a custom self-adapting artificial intelligence algorithm learns and analyzes the properties of your guitar, separating out the frequencies of each string. The TronicalTune signals the servomotor in the peg to turn, tightening or loosening the string to adjust the pitch.

TronicalTune appeals to every type of guitar player, from beginners to world-class musicians and is owned by many rockstars including Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, Eric Clapton, Richard Fortus of Guns N Roses, Paul Pesco of Hall & Oates, and Beyonce’s Bibi McGill. “This is a dream for guitar players. They don’t have to think about tuning anymore,” says Chris Adams, Tronical CEO, “Many artists have also told me that having TronicalTune allows them to experiment with different tunings, opening up a whole new world of creativity.”


  • Multi-string robotuning, single-string robotuning, and custom robotuning
  • Match to an off pitch source robotuning
  • 18 presets (12 factory presets and 6 programmable user presets)
  • Compatible with hundreds of guitar models
  • Up to 300 tunings on one battery charge
  • Custom rechargeable battery and charger included

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Price: The TronicalTune has a suggested price of $329 in chrome and vintage pearl, $349 in black, and $369 in gold.

TronicalTune includes 6 lock nuts & ring washers, 6 roboheads, 1 lithium polymer rechargeable battery, 1 contacting PCB, 1 wrench, 1 wall plug charger & a quick start guide. TronicalTune weighs about the same as conventional locking tuners (9 ounces) with dimensions varying on different guitar models. To request additional information please contact PR representative Carli Nicholas at (305) 474-4404 x 127 or by email at For more information on Tronical please visit

About Tronical:

Tronical CEO, Chris Adams, opened his Hamburg, Germany-based company in 2005, after spending a decade developing one of the most revolutionary guitar products ever made. The Tronical team has now perfected this system that seamlessly self-tunes your guitar in seconds, all the while preserving the integrity and tone of your instrument – the TronicalTune. World-class musicians, recording artists and producers have embraced Tronical across the globe.


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