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SwitchEasy™ Introduces BOOMBOX and CAMO for iPhone® 6 and NUMBERS Cases For iPhone 6 Plus

11 Dec 2014

Three new cases added to SwitchEasy’s line add style and functionality along with protection for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Tracy, Calif. – December 11, 2014 – SwitchEasy, a leading provider of accessories for the mobile lifestyle, today announces CAMO for the iPhone 6. Additionally, the previously announced BOOMBOX for iPhone 5/5S is now available for the iPhone 6, and NUMBERS becomes available for the iPhone 6 Plus. CAMO is an innovative case with great styling, using 3-D printing technology, designed for the modern day street warrior.

“CAMO is a significant departure from any case we currently offer,” said Julian Yang, Sales and Marketing Director of SwitchEasy. “In the traditional function of camouflage, it is a great way for iPhone 6 users to either blend into any scenario with green camo or completely stand out and make a statement with the red, yellow or blue camo design. Additionally, we’ve gotten a great response with the recently announced BOOMBOX for iPhone 5/5S and NUMBERS for iPhone 6 and wanted to add additional compatible models for these cases.”

CAMO – CAMO was designed to become the modern warrior against dents and dings without adding excessive bulk (0.6mm thick) or weight (10 grams). With its secure grip texture, CAMO ensures it will not slip out of anyone’s hand while in use, yet easily slides into a pocket or purse. Available in Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange for the iPhone 6.  MSRP: $19.99

BOOMBOX – This is an innovative case that was designed to amplify music and phone calls without the need for external battery power or requiring users to carry a pesky cable. Perfect for video conferences or watching the latest YouTube viral videos, BOOMBOX offers a simple and effective way to amplify sound or music coming from the phone. Available in Black, Lime Green, Tangerine, Wine Red or Turquoise for the iPhone 6. MSRP: $29.99

NUMBERS – NUMBERS was designed with clean lines and are constructed from one of the most durable, shock resistant hydro polymer materials on the market. The case features added protection on the corners in order to protect the larger iPhone 6 Plus from accidental bumps and drops. For added protection, pop-out integrated plugs protect the phone’s ports against dust and debris. Available in a choice of Stealth Black, Frost White, Methyl Blue, Rose Bouquet and Sunlit Tangerine, NUMBERS will surely soften or brighten anyone’s day. MSRP: $24.99

All three models will be available via the company’s website (www.switcheasy.com) as well as through authorized distributors in retail and online locations in December.

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