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Study Reveals New Insights Into How Millennials Shop for Consumer Tech on Amazon

6 Dec 2018

Max Borges Agency, a consumer-tech communications firm, surveyed 1,108 U.S. millennials who purchased consumer tech products on Amazon in the past year to analyze their shopping behavior and how brands can better optimize their Amazon sales channel.

See the interactive report here.

Millennials are highly devoted to the online retail giant, with fewer than one in four stating they would buy a tech product if it’s not available on Amazon, and sharing they would give up sex and alcohol for a year versus giving up Amazon. Not surprisingly, 3 in 4 purchase tech on Amazon for its Prime shipping.

The report also analyzed when millennials are shopping on the site, with 61% shopping while awake in the middle of the night, and 57% while working. Almost half of respondents shopped while using the bathroom, and 19% admitted to purchasing tech goods while intoxicated.

Tech purchases outweighed all others, at 61%, followed closely by clothing, shoes and jewelry at 60%. However, smartphones are least likely to be purchased on Amazon, as respondents still look to brand retailers for assistance, pricing and compatibility. Headphones and mobile accessories, like phone cases, dominated the category, at 54% and 53%, respectively, while only 27% shopped for virtual assistants like the Amazon Echo.   

In looking at how millennials shop, the report uncovered that:

  • 71% shopped for tech products on their mobile device
  • 45% open the Amazon app at least once a day
  • 84% discover new products on Amazon
  • 87% research products on Amazon
  • 90% consult Amazon Customer Reviews before making a tech purchase on the site

Nearly half discover consumer tech brands or products on a blog or news site, later making the purchase on Amazon. For higher cost items, millennial shoppers typically need a week or more of research prior to purchasing, with 2 in 5 consulting expert reviews and 3 in 4 visiting the brand’s site before ultimately buying on Amazon.

In tandem with customer reviews are star ratings given by customers. A mere 8% of millennial buyers are likely to make a tech purchase on Amazon with a 3-star review, but 47% would purchase when the star count hits 4.

“Shopping on Amazon has become second nature for many of us, and has become a powerful hub of for the online purchase of consumer tech products,” said VP of Business Intelligence at Max Borges Agency, Lindsay Stuart. “Where millennials are concerned, we wanted to show exactly how relevant this retailer is to the group, and why brands need to understand their research and shopping habits, and how better to serve this generation.”

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