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3 Oct 2011

Word Bully™ monitors text messaging in varying levels of severity in order to protect loved-ones from Cyber-bullying

Trick or Tracker® child location retrieval service is built in to the application at no extra cost

Laguna Niguel, Calif., October 3, 2011 – Iconosys, Inc., a leader in mobile safety communication and life-style applications, today releases the latest app in its PunkBlocker™ line of Smartphone Apps: Word Bully™.

Word Bully™ allows a parent/guardian to customize a filter for profanity, vulgar or threatening language, and other offensive communications. This is all done with the protection of password-enabled access for the parent/guardian. If a message is sent with this type of language it is automatically sent to the parent/guardian’s phone stating what was said.

Cyber-bullying is an epidemic that carries with it great danger for the general population, not to mention our friends and family members.  In today’s society, where much of our discourse and communications are done via the Internet and text messaging, our loved-ones (children and adults) are easy targets for, and potential victims of, the harmful practice of cyber-bullying.

“We did it!… We did it!  We have been planning this app since the inception of Iconosys, and thousands of baby steps later, we’ve got it! ,” said Wayne Irving II, CEO and co-founder of Iconosys. “We are very pleased with the functionality of this app and feel that this important development in child and teen safety will give parents more comfort and peace of mind when purchasing Android OS phones for their kids, already 40% of the US Markets (in terms of the percentage of purchasers under 12 years of age).”


Word Bully™ Features include:

  • Word Bully™ monitors for approximately 3600 words, acronyms, bulli-cons, and phrases that might be considered profanity, threatening and/or vulgar. The app also allows you to create and manage a custom list of monitored words (e.g.  Acronyms, abbreviations, cultural-isms, and gang-style lingo) that are used.
  • Enable and Disable the Word Bully™ service using the protected access feature of a parental-controlled password.
  • Word Bully™ monitors for inbound and outbound questionable communications and   forwards to the parent’s phone, identifying if it was “sent to” or “sent from” your child.
  • Choose to monitor ALL of the text message communications with certain settable “Black Listed” individuals, such as those people you believe or suspect to be a significant threat
  • Choose to ignore specific numbers or add numbers to a “White List”
  • Locate your child anytime with Trick or Tracker® child location retrieval service, built right in!


Word Bully™ App is available until October 15 for free at http://wordbully.iconosys.com. It is then available for only $9.95, for a lifetime license, in English on Android OS Smartphones Market Place, and an iPhone version is scheduled to be released by Christmas.

About Iconosys, Inc.

Iconosys, a member of the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) and the maker of the widely used and well publicized Trick or Tracker®, Guard’s Up!™, LatchKey Kid™, and My Max Speed™  Smartphone apps, is developing technologies and technology driven products for its clients with a goal toward designing apps that enrich, enhance, ultimately make safer, our day to day lives.

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