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1 Sep 2015

PureGear releases a new line of tempered glass screen shields that increase single-handed functionality on the larger sixth generation devices


IRWINDALE, Calif. – Sept. 1, 2015 – As the iPhone increases in size, single-handed screen navigation becomes more challenging for mobile users. Announced today, PureGear’s Smart + Buttons, the first high-definition tempered glass screen protector of its kind, conveniently places invisible shortcuts on both sides of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ home button. These shortcuts replicate the functions of the top buttons for easy, single-handed screen swiping.

According to a recent study conducted by Expert Exchange, a user’s hand must measure 9.6 inches or 11.4 inches to comfortably use the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, respectively. However, the average male’s hand is only 7.4 inches; the average female’s is 6.7 inches. As phone size continues to outgrow the average hand, Smart + Buttons puts full control of the iPhone back into one hand so both aren’t used for holding the device.

Applying Smart + Buttons is simple and doesn’t require an app or additional software. Each shield comes equipped with PureGear’s patented application tray and roller, a fool-proof, three-step process that eliminates bubbles and misalignment. Simply place the iPhone into the tray and roll on the shield’s scratch resistance and touch and swipe precision.

Smart + Buttons will be available for $39.99 beginning today from pure-gear.com. The following tempered glass screen protectors are also available:

  • High definition tempered glass + roll-on tray ($34.99)
  • Privacy tempered glass + roll-on tray ($34.99 – $39.99)
  • Tempered glass with aluminum border in gold ($34.99)
  • Tempered glass with aluminum border in silver ($34.99))

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