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Screen Your PC Messages With Sonic-connect 2; Now Available Nationwide

19 Mar 2013

Sonic-connect 2 allows you to step away from your desk by alerting you to incoming messages from e-mail, Skype and IM through customizable settings

Troy, MI- March 19, 2013- Sonic Alert, creator of specialized and reliable signaling products, announces the U.S. availability of the Sonic-connect 2, a portable USB device that alerts you to the most important incoming messages on your computer.  With the ability to rank contacts so that you can be alerted to all new messages or only messages from VIPs, the Sonic-connect 2 allows you to prioritize your responses and gives you the freedom to step away from your computer without the fear of missing i
mportant communication.  Available at, the Sonic-connect 2 offers a variety of customizable alert options including extra-bright white LED lights, loud ringer and vibration to alert you to incoming news from Skype, IM and Microsoft Outlook.

Easy-to-use Sonic Alert Software allows you to program the Sonic-connect 2 to set up your VIP contacts and preferred alert settings.  Simply connect the device to your desktop or laptop USB port and in a matter of minutes you can receive message alerts by flash, vibration or beeping.  Perfect if you need to put technology down, red “waiting” lights illuminate to indicate you have a pending message if you missed the initial alert.  All of your incoming messages will be viewable in the Sonic Alert Messaging Window, keeping all new communications in one place.

Sonic-connect 2 helps maintain work/life balance if you work from home or tend to be over-connected after “working” hours.  The onscreen Messaging Window streamlines all incoming communications so that messages from multiple sources can be viewed at a glance. The device helps you keep up in a workforce where you are expected to be available and reachable 24/7, while allowing you to get some much deserved time off at home.  Using this simple device helps you stay connected to those who matter the most.

“In today’s world, many of us struggle to find a balance between our work and home life.  It’s hard to disconnect when we feel the need to be reachable at all times,” says Ed Brink, Director of Sales & Marketing for Sonic Alert. “We wanted to create a product that gave consumers peace of mind knowing they will be alerted to important messages, while still allowing them the freedom to step away and spend quality time with their families. All of your messages will be in one place when you’re ready to check them.”

Sonic-connect 2’s plug-and-play connection and compact size are great for both travel and home use, especially for those who travel often for work.  Once you connect through your USB port, keep your computer on to receive alerts.  With the click of a mouse you can easily change your computer’s settings to remain on to maximize the Sonic-connect 2’s productivity.  Sonic-connect 2 is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Sonic-connect 2 Features

  • Streamlines instant message, e-mail and Skype notifications
  • Provides multiple alert options: Extra-bright white LED , loud ringer and vibration
  • Includes red LED lights that indicate waiting messages
  • Offers plug-and-play connectivity
  • Light weight and compact size are ideal for both home and travel use
  • Uses standard computer USB port
  • Software updates available at
  • One-year Sonic Alert warranty
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Not Mac compatible


The Sonic-connect 2 is now available at for $49.95.   Media members interested in more information may contact PR representative Meghan Petchel at (305)374-4404 x 162 or

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