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Say Hello to Adero, the First Intelligent Organization System that Makes Any Bag a Smart Bag

3 Dec 2018

Forget about Forgetting:

Adero Organizes Your Essentials

Where and When You Need Them

Santa Barbara, CA. – Today, Adero, the new brand that frees you from worrying about your things, launches its flagship product, the first-ever intelligent organization system. Adero calms the chaos of daily life by turning any bag into a smart bag through its system of Smart Tags and Taglets, along with an easy-to-use app. Adero works as a tiny personal assistant to make sure you’ve got what you need by enabling the Taglets to communicate with the Smart Tag, saying “I am here.”  Adero can also send a push notification to remind you to grab your bag for activities such as work, the gym or travel and let you know if something’s missing from your bag, so you can grab it before it’s too late. The Adero Starter Kit is available today for purchase on for $119.99.

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Busy lives come with a lot of things. According to a 10,000-person survey conducted in August 2018 with Innovate Market Research, everyday responsibilities such as managing family schedules and belongings weigh heavily on people’s minds, so much so that people who misplace things are 85% more likely to report being overwhelmed by “mental load.” Mental load, the overall cognitive burden on the brain when executing tasks, strongly correlates with chronic stress and anxiety. Adero mitigates this mental load by helping users stay organized.

“Smart devices were supposed to make our lives better, but we’ve discovered over the past decade that connecting anything and everything possible to the Internet is adding to our burden instead of alleviating it,” said Adero’s Chief Executive Officer Nate Kelly. “More apps to manage, more devices to keep an eye on, more cords to untangle—it’s too much. Adero is giving your essentials awareness and intelligence to keep track of themselves so you don’t have to. We’re transferring the anxiety from you to our system of tags, effectively telling them to “take care of this bag” and “take care of the essentials in this bag,” freeing your mind to focus on what matters most.”

Tag it so you’ll have it
Setting up Adero is simple. Just place a Smart Tag on your bag, whether it’s your diaper bag, travel carry-on, gym bag or backpack. Then stick Taglets on the things you never want to leave behind, such as the wipes case in your diaper bag, your passport in your carry-on, your headphones in your gym bag or your laptop in your backpack. Now your things are in constant communication with your smart bag, letting it know if they are all together.

Know when things aren’t together
Want to make sure you have everything but don’t want to dig through your bag? Just press your Smart Tag and if it lights up red, you’ll know to check the Adero app to see what’s missing. If it’s green, you’re good to go.

Set up Adero notifications based on your schedule so you’ll have the confidence that everything you need is packed ahead of time. One notification for weekdays at 7 a.m. to let you know if your laptop is in your work bag, one for Tuesday’s spin class at 4 p.m. to make sure you have your spin shoes, and one for your upcoming business trip to ensure your computer charger is packed in your suitcase before you leave for the airport. You can even set one up for your child’s backpack, so you can spend less time checking if they have their lunchbox, and more time talking about the day ahead.

Features at a glance:

  • Creating a smart “container”: You can create a Smart Container for groups of things that go together. Just attach a Smart Tag to a work bag, backpack, or purse and assign Taglets to the essentials that belong in the bag. Now you can remember to take everything with you every time.
  • Event-based reminders: Let Adero know when you need a specific bag, and you’ll get a reminder to make sure everything you need is in your gym bag for your workouts on Tuesday or your daughter’s soccer practice on Saturday–and Adero will tell you what’s missing, too.
  • LED alerts: The Smart Tags chirp and glow red when pushed if your bag is missing some of its Taglets. If everything’s good to go, the light glows green when pressed.
  • The app’s got your back: Pair essentials and their bags, set proactive reminders and more, all in the palm of your hand.
  • Rechargeable Smart Tag battery: Smart Tag rechargeable batteries will last up to two months between charges and keep them out of the electronics landfills.
  • Weather-ready: Smart Tags and Taglets go where you go, so don’t worry about a little rain or a spill. The Smart Tags are certified water resistant, and the Taglets are certified waterproof.
  • Durable stick: Taglets and Smart Tag Adhesive Cases both use special adhesive to stay in place, even when you toss your suitcase in the trunk or throw your notebook into your packed purse.
  • Compatibility: The Adero app is compatible with Android 5.1+. iOS 11+ will be released soon.

Adero is available online in a Starter Kit (available Dec. 3) and a Deluxe Kit (coming soon):


Starter Kit ($119.99)


Deluxe Kit ($199.99)

●     3 Smart Tags

○     3 Smart Tag Adhesive Cases

○     3 Keyrings

○     3 Lanyards

●     3 Taglets

●     1 Smart Tag Charger

●     5 Smart Tags

○     5 Smart Tag Adhesive Cases

○     5 Keyrings

○     5 Lanyards

●     9 Taglets

●     1 Smart Tag Charger

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Adero helps you keep it together by giving your things the ability to be there when you need them most. The Southern California tech company wants you to lead a less stressful life by taking away the need to worry about your things. Adero makes your things intelligent so you can stay organized.

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