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Safe5 Defends Your iPhone 5 Against the Elements and Prepares it for Any Adventure

29 Aug 2013

 Outdoor Tech’s fully waterproof iPhone 5 case is built for all of your adventures

LOS ANGELES – Outdoor Tech® announces the availability of the Safe 5, their all-new, waterproof iPhone 5 case. The Safe 5 offers complete protection during any swim hole, waterfall or puddle jumping experience and maintains full functionality and usability while on land, providing you with the ultimate life-proof, adventure-proof, and element-proof case.

“Our Safe5 cases blend the modern mobile lifestyle with the outdoors, providing the protection you need,” says Caro Krissman, CEO of Outdoor Tech®.  “We build our products to be tougher than you are and ready to go to battle with the elements that you will encounter during whatever adventure you find yourself on.”

Safe 5

The Safe 5 wages war on the waterfalls, lakes, streams, oceans, puddles and rain that constantly threaten your expensive phone with complete waterproof protection of up to three feet for thirty minutes. On land, the iPhone 5 maintains full usability in regard to all of its functions including the on/off button, home button, touch screen, charging port and volume buttons.

  • Fully waterproof – In case you haven’t quite figured it out yet, the Safe 5 makes your iPhone 5 completely waterproof and carries an IPX-7 rating. When the Safe isn’t fighting off moisture, use it as an everyday case; each function of your iPhone remains accessible.
  • Really Tough – The Safe 5 iPhone waterproof case features a rubber gasket that runs all the way around the interior, fully sealing off your phone from the destruction that water can cause.  Opening and closing the case is made easy via three aluminum, quarter-turn latches that may be operated with a coin or any object with a similar profile.  Finally, a rubber coating on the case’s front improves grip and adds aesthetic appeal.

The Safe 5 waterproof case for iPhone 5 is now available in orange, aqua and clear for $49.95 at www.outdoortech.com.

For more information about the Safe 5 and other Outdoor Tech® products visit www.outdoortech.com.

About Outdoor Tech®:

The fundamental dilemma: blending a modern lifestyle in the age of mobility with the drive to be outdoors.  Our development of wireless audio has been shaped by this constant push and pull, to stay connected but not tethered. Mobile devices have reshaped how we live, but standing alone, they merely scratch the surface on enhancing our lifestyle.  A mobile device that requires a cord to play music and have a conversation is like a brain using only portion of its potential, cut the cord to realize a higher consciousness.    Outdoor Tech® is about escape; breaking away from the city, routine, and the mundane. Our pulse beats design, style and creation.  We don’t define ourselves by the space that confines us, but we do draw from it. Our mission is to create stuff you probably want, stuff that enhance experiences with the outdoors, with technology, and within. To learn more about Outdoor Tech® visit www.outdoortech.com or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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