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RageGage: Hilarious Gadget Provides a Better Way to Release Rage than Smashing Keyboards, Mice, or Coworkers

10 May 2011

Punch-friendly gadget saves thousands in medical bills and legal fees, and keeps expensive gear, coworkers, and nearby onlookers safe from rage-explosions

Atlanta, GA – May 10, 2011 – RageGage, LLC, the leading manufacturer of rage-release devices, is proud to announce the availability of RageGage – the first device designed to be physically abused during a boiling temper tantrum. RageGage is a dynamic, customizable smash pad that delivers cheeky, humorous distraction to quickly defuse even the most violent rage-explosions.  RageGage allows users blow off steam by playing online games and virtually smacking Facebook friends (a fun and less painful way to release friend-related rage).

RageGage is easy to use: simply turn on the device using the volume knob, crank to maximum volume, and wale on RageGage’s soft gel pad until frustrations melt away (alternate fists for a balanced rage-workout).  If RageGage detects the user is bottling up rage, it will induce healthy rage relief by making fun of the user (or their mama). If RageGage detects that a user is bottling rage, it will induce healthy rage release by hurling insults like “you wuss” or “who are you kid?”.

RageGage comes pre-loaded with a hilarious voice and a number of rage-tastic phrases. Additional fun-to-smash character voices such as faux politicians and “celebutards” include POTUS (our commander and chief), Lush Rimbaugh (right wing shock jock), and Valley Girl (a brain-dead, Chihuahua-clutching hotel heiress) are available at www.RageGage.com/Voices.  Users can even create their own custom RageGage voice and share it with friends online.

RageGage also doubles as smash-sensitive video game controller.  Users can download “RageGage Connect”, from www.RageGage.com/GetStarted, allowing them to play games, smash Facebook friends and update RageLevel on Facebook .

RageGage is available now for $19.99 in 9 different colorful designs to match any rage-type.

RageGage games are available at www.RageGage.com/Games, and the company plans to release new smash-based games on a monthly basis.

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About RageGage

Frustration is the mother of invention. The RageGage concept was born out of the indescribable frustration of Atlanta traffic – a daily phenomenon that turns the entire city into a baking, humid parking lot. Inventor Ian Campbell was characteristically late and became trapped in the Atlanta traffic quagmire one afternoon. After a torrid, expletive laced tantrum in which Ian nearly bashed the center console of his car to bits, his calm, angelic wife suggested that perhaps he needed some device that he could safely smash – something to give him a humorous distraction at just the right time to prevent a rage-explosion.

That night, the inventor descended into his man-cave/laboratory, and emerged several days later with the first RageGage prototype – a dynamic smash pad capable of absorbing and measuring all manner of physical abuse and delivering just the right amount of humorous distraction to prevent a rage-induced aneurism.

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