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Rachio App Update to Lower Users’ Water Usage by 30%, Integrates with Nest Protect Fire Alarm

29 Oct 2014

DENVER – October 29, 2014 – Rachio, maker of the Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller, is excited to announce availability of version 1.7 of the Rachio App with enhanced Evapotranspiration (ET) technology. The update should lower Iro users’ water usage for residential irrigation by as much as 30%.

“We believe software can play a huge role in the fight against water waste,” said Franz Garsombke CTO and Co-founder of Rachio. “The enhancements made to our ET algorithms gets Iro even closer to identifying the absolute minimum amount of water needed to maintain a beautiful lawn or garden.”

By utilizing ET based rain delay, weather intelligence is no longer limited to considering actual and observed precipitation 24 hours before and after a scheduled watering time. ET rain delay monitors the true soil moisture loss between previous and scheduled waterings and automatically skips the irrigation schedule when sufficient water is present — eliminating excess watering when not needed.

ET technology has a similar impact on the smart controller’s ability to make seasonal adjustments to the irrigation schedule. ET based seasonal adjustments monitor actual evaporation loss on a weekly basis and apply a percent change adjustment, increasing the amount of water used as days get longer and/or warmer, and decreasing the amount of water used as days get shorter and/or cooler.  At any time this adjustment can be modified, allowing the Iro to learn your watering preferences.

The app upgrade also includes new vegetation, soil, exposure (shade), nozzle, and slope options; creating 168 unique cycle/soak settings. The additional data points significantly reduce runoff and increase schedule optimization. Other key updates include the ability to create custom nozzle types with unique flow rates.

Additionally, the Iro now integrates with the Nest Protect.  When the smoke alarm goes off for a predetermined period of time, the smart sprinkler controller can automatically cycle sprinklers around the house, preventing fire spread to neighbors.

Iro user can download version 1.7 for free at Apple’s App Store and from Google Play.  For more information on about Rachio please follow the company on Facebook and @_rachio.


About Rachio

Based in Denver Colorado, Rachio creates products that change the way consumers interact with their home and backyard, transforming them into a source of enjoyment and peace.  The company’s mission is to design solutions that provide convenience through home automation while always considering the impact on our environment.  For more information please visit www.rach.io.

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