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PowerWatch Featured in Target Open House Garage

13 Dec 2017

Menlo Park – Over the last month, materials science pioneer Matrix Industries has begun shipping its first generation PowerWatch to backers and customers who have placed a preorder. Now, as PowerWatch continues to showcase “a battery charger-free future,” Matrix is excited to announce their partnership with Target Open House to further explore the world of connected things, and help relieve #BatteryAnxiety for every consumer device. With Open House, Target has designed an experience that inspires people to explore the world of connected home living – what it is, how it works and how it can make our lives better.

The award-winning PowerWatch is the first device of its kind to be powered by the body itself, demonstrating the success of Matrix’s proprietary thermoelectric energy converter. With the PowerWatch as its flagship product, the technology created by Matrix Industries to generate energy from the body can also be used in other devices, for example, AR Glasses and wireless earbuds, clothing and even non-wearable devices. While consumers usher in an age of the connected home – as demonstrated in the Target Open House Garage – Matrix is ensuring that an increase in devices doesn’t equal an increase in messy charging cables and wasteful batteries.

“It’s exciting to see so much innovation in the Target Open House Garage,” said Akram Boukai, CEO and co-founder of Matrix. “What’s even more exciting though, is to imagine how every one of the incredible devices can benefit from our thermoelectric technology. Speakers, security cameras, scales and more all require unnecessary chargers. With Matrix’s technology, we can continue to innovate in every corner of the smart home, without sacrificing yet another power outlet.”

Matrix is currently shipping PowerWatch and will fulfill orders in time for the holidays. Visit to learn more about relieving your #BatteryAnxiety.


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Matrix is a Silicon Valley materials science company, founded in 2011, that is committed to radically re-engineering consumers’ wearable experiences. The team of experts in thermoelectric material science, thermal engineering, and consumer product development and manufacturing, consists of Ph.D. graduates from CalTech, MIT, Harvard and UCSD, and 25+ years of experience in manufacturing and shipping leading technology.

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