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PowerPot X Series Covers Entire Spectrum of USB Charging by Turning Heat and Water into Electrical Power

5 Dec 2013

Next generation of PowerPot family gets bigger, lighter, and stronger; emits 10 Watts of power with no moving parts


SALT LAKE CITY, UT (December 5, 2013) – Power Practical, a Salt Lake City based group of engineers, entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts, and the makers of the PowerPot®,  introduce the PowerPot X and PowerPot XL through Kickstarter. Power Practical is utilizing the crowd funding platform to fund the  robust PowerPot X Series, which marks the next generation in thermoelectric power. Named after its power emission of 10 Watts, the PowerPot X Series can charge one tablet, two smartphones or four GoPros simultaneously, needing nothing more than fire and water. No moving parts make it extremely easy to use, and because it is not dependent on sunlight, the PowerPot produces electricity in any weather, day or night, indoors and out.

The common “maximum” output for most thermoelectric generators is around 2-4 Watts. In practice, these devices struggle to exceed 1-2 Watts. Such low power output is impractical for charging modern smartphones and other common USB devices. Even under mediocre conditions, the PowerPot X and PowerPot XL will produce 5 Watts of power, giving users ample power to keep charging.

More power means more time for adventuring and less time spent waiting around for devices to charge up. Dual USB ports are also included, allowing two devices to charge at once. At max output, the PowerPot X will be able to charge two smartphones at top speed (5W), or one tablet at full speed (10W). Dual-utility continues to be a function of the PowerPot, doubling as a source for boiling water for soups, hot drinks or freeze dried meals. The functionality of the Practical Meter has also been built into the next generation of the PowerPot, providing real-time feedback on charge speeds.   The meter allows users to get the most out of their pot and devices by letting them know their power output.

“We launched the PowerPot V on Kickstarter in April of 2012 and quickly realized a lot of people in the world are in need of power,” says Matt Ford, CEO of Power Practical. “So we decided to go back to all our original backers, adventurers and retailers, to get their feedback in order to develop, innovate and grow as a company. It is thanks to them that we are able to take the PowerPot to the next level and enhance the user experience to better meet the power needs of adventurers and people who find themselves without power.”

The PowerPot X Series has increased power and comes in two sizes so that couples, groups, friends and families who venture out into the back country can cook a meal and juice their phone all at once.  At 2.4 quarts, the PowerPot X is perfect for cooking for two, while the slightly larger PowerPot XL, at 4 quarts, will feed a larger group.

Supporters can bring power with them anywhere and keep charging by pledging through Kickstarter and ordering a PowerPot X for themselves. Couples can get the PowerPot X for $189, while groups or those looking for the extra cooking room can get the PowerPot XL for $199.  PowerPot X’s and XL’s will be delivered in time for the 2014 camping season.


About Power Practical:
Power Practical is a Salt Lake City based group of engineers, entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts who emphasize diversity in energy resources by developing innovative, effective and affordable energy products to keep you connected anywhere, anytime. There are areas of the world that simply fall off the grid, suffering from power outages and unavailable energy resources. With Power Practical, you are never off the grid and always powered up, no matter where in the world you keep charging.

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