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Portable AQ SmartSpeaker Offering Vast Device Connectivity Now Available in the US

16 Oct 2012

The sleek and intelligent Airplay speaker from UK-based AQ Audio makes its US debut offering freedom for indoor/outdoor AirPlay via AQ Direct Mode, left and right hi-fi channel separation, and Android and Windows capabilities

MANCHESTER, UK – October 16, 2012 – AQ Audio, an established UK audio leader, makes their debut in the United States with the launch of the AQ SmartSpeaker. After the SmartSpeaker’s successful launch in the UK, the company introduces the device which was highly regarded for its acoustic clarity and unique left and right channel separation. Also new to the AQ SmartSpeaker is AQ Direct mode which permits users to break free from the Wi-Fi network and enjoy AirPlay technology anywhere.  Although it has AirPlay capabilities built for Apple, it also empowers Android and Windows users via a special DLNA Certified App available at the Google Play Store and via Microsoft’s “Play To” feature.

AirPlay Function. AQ Direct Freedom.

Apple enthusiasts will enjoy the AQ SmartSpeakers’ simple and intuitive one-touch Airplay set up. AirPlay lets you stream not only your iTunes Libraries but Internet Radio stations, Spotifiy, audio from films or TV programs and other popular music Apps.  The innovative AQ Direct technology will enable the freedom to listen to music anywhere and connects again seamlessly to your AirPlay network.  AQ Direct is ideal for giving your iTunes library freedom from over 50 meters

Not just for Apple users, its also Android-friendly
Offering Android and Windows compatibility, the device allows you to send audio from any Android or Windows device to the elegant, luxuriously finished speaker using AQ Play (AQ Audio’s proprietary Android Audio App), which will soon be available at the Google Play store. The AQ SmartSpeaker will also connect with any Windows device, running Windows 7 or above, through Microsoft’s “Play To” feature.

Longlasting and Eco-balanced– up to 10 hours of play
With its ultra-efficient patented amplifier, the AQ SmartSpeaker offers over 10 hours of playback. An auto power down function further increases battery life by powering down the unit after 10 minutes of non-use when the speaker is running off of its battery. Another feature is the SmartSpeakers’ ECO friendly Power which allows for users to save money on their next electricity bill by powering down the unit after one week of non-use.

Double up the sound
As a stand-alone speaker, the AQ SmartSpeaker delivers spectacular stereo sound. Using two AQ SmartSpeakers, you can select left and right channel separation, giving true hi-fi sound when transmitting your iTunes.

Doesn’t skimp on Design
The AQ SmartSpeaker is designed in conjunction with an internationally recognized multiple Red Dot Design Award Winner resulting in its smooth organic shape and high quality finish which looks perfectly at home in all surroundings.

AQ Audio SmartSpeaker

Price: $179  Twin Pack: $349 Four Pack: $675

Available from or Amazon

About AQ Audio

Innovative, British company AQ Audio has a combined 100 years’ experience in the consumer and professional audio industry. AQ Audio’s technical director has brought more than 25 products to market at a leading global consumer electronics company. Several of these have gone on to win a prestigious EISA award. In particular, the company has specialist knowledge of wireless technology, with its background spanning the radio spectrum from analogue FM to 5.8 GHz digital delivery systems. Meanwhile, AQ Audio’s industrial design manager has won multiple, coveted RED DOT design awards for audio devices.


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