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Pet Acoustics Releases Innovative iPhone and iPod Touch Application for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Their People

8 Oct 2009

Application Plays Music to Relax Your Pet and You!

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Washington Depot, Connecticut – (October 8, 2009) – Pet Acoustics Inc, a company dedicated to bringing products to market that bring joy and peace to the animals that share their lives with us, releases the Pet Acoustics Application for iPhone and iPod Touch. The first App of its kind, Pet Acoustics provides soothing music that enhances the lives of dogs, cats, horses, and their people to maintain balance and well being in their living environment.

Animals have extremely sensitive hearing that includes different ranges than their human companions.  Janet Marlow, composer and the leading authority on music for animals, has created a musical genre that soothes your pet with separation anxieties, for thunderstorm nerves or just for calm in their living environment. Using limited frequencies, non-jarring volumes, and rhythms designed for an animal’s acute hearing, Pet Acoustics fills your pets’ environment with a sense of safety and balance and calm.

The Pet Acoustics App is for you and your pet together! Relaxation Music for My Dog and Me, My Cat and Me, and My Horse and Me will enhance your quality time together anytime, anywhere with the portability of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Play your choice of music for dogs, cats, or horses to put your pet at ease during thunderstorms, alone time, car travel, vet visits, grooming, and training. The Pet Acoustics application is perfect for pet boarding, animal shelters, or to assist our four legged friends as they recover from injury or abuse.

Pet Acoustics Features Include:

  • Play your choice of music categorized by pet type and environment
  • Multiple timers to set music to play at designated times
  • Hearing analysis for each type of animal
  • Environment and best use recommendations for each track
  • Works with iPhone and iPod Touch

“After my years of research and testing I have learned that music can make a huge difference in the quality of life for dogs, cats and horses. Now, with Pet Acoustics Apple app people and their pets can create a state of relaxation in any environment,” says Pet Acoustics founder and composer Janet Marlow.

Pet Acoustics Application is available for $1.99 through iTunes or by visiting

To request additional information about Pet Acoustics, please contact PR Representative Brad Hobbs at (305) 576-1171 x19 or by e-mail at To learn more about Pet Acoustics, go to

About Pet Acoustics

Pet Acoustics is dedicated to creating music products that help animals and their humans relax and be happy. As an author, researcher and composer, Pet Acoustics Co-founder, Janet Marlow is an international expert in the pet field. Her Relaxation Music for Dogs, Cats and Horses has proven success of putting animals at ease acoustically and scientifically. Janet’s innovative approach for animals has been featured on Animal Planet, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Women’s World, WNPR with Faith Middleton, Dog Fancy, Animal Wellness Magazines and she is the author of Barnes & Nobles’ Zen Dog Box Kit. For more information visit

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