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Pet Acoustics Announces Pet Jingles Relaxation Music for the Holidays supporting American Humane Association

24 Nov 2009


Innovative iPhone and iPod Touch application provides soothing holiday music for two and four legged family members

Washington Depot, Connecticut – (November 24, 2009) – Pet Acoustics Inc, a company dedicated to bringing products to market that provide specialized environments for pets and their people, releases the Pet Jingles Application for iPhone and iPod Touch.  This special collection of themed holiday music will bring a joyous atmosphere to your home, a veterinarian office, an animal shelter or anywhere people and pets are gathered throughout the holiday season. Pet Jingles is a unique gift for pet lovers to enjoy while gift shopping, walks with the dog, while entertaining family and friends or to play for pets while they are home alone.

In addition to Pet Jingles, Pet Acoustics presents Four Legged Angels. Inspired by the holiday spirit, this music video celebrates the rescue and adoption of animals by loving people.


–   Multiple timers to set music to play at designated times

–   Works with iPhone and iPod Touch

–   Designed for the hearing comfort of dogs and cats

–   Thematic holiday music for relaxation

–   Portions of the Pet Jingles sales go to support the American Humane Association

1.   Home Together

2.   Family and Friends

3.   Candles

4.   Treats

5.   Winter Walk

6.   Stuffed toys

7.   Dreams of Olde

8.   Crystal Evening

9.   A Favorite Place

10. Good Company

11. Peace on Earth

For relaxing music for pets and their people any day of the year you can download our original Pet Acoustics App; Music designed specifically for dogs, cats and horses. Don’t forget to checkout Janet Marlow’s CD, DVD, and book box kit, Zen Dog: Music & Massage for a Stress-Free Pet, available at Barnes & Noble. All Pet Jingles App purchases benefit the American Humane Association and Green Chimneys, a nationally renowned, non-profit, organization that provides animal-assisted therapy and activities as residential treatment for children and special education schools.

“With all the activity of the holidays, we at Pet Acoustics, hope that you and your family, two legged and four, play Pet Jingles for moments of relaxation during the holiday season. We are pleased to be able to support the American Humane Association through the sales of Pet Jingles and we thank you for your support, Happy Holidays!” from the Pet Acoustics Team.

Pet Jingles Application is available for $2.99 (portion donated to American Humane) through iTunes or by visiting

To request additional information about Pet Jingles, please contact PR Representative Brad Hobbs at (305) 576-1171 x19 or by e-mail at To learn more about Pet Acoustics, go to

About Pet Acoustics

Pet Acoustics is dedicated to creating products that help animals and their humans in their environment. As an author, researcher and composer, Pet Acoustics Co-founder, Janet Marlow is an international expert in the pet field. Her Relaxation Music for Dogs, Cats and Horses has proven success of putting animals at ease acoustically and scientifically. Janet’s innovative approach for animals has been featured on Animal Planet, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Women’s World, WNPR with Faith Middleton, Dog Fancy, Animal Wellness Magazines and she is the author of Barnes & Nobles’ Zen Dog Box Kit. For more information visit

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