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PEAR Sports Unveils PEAR 2.0, Delivering Individualized Fitness Testing and Personalized Workouts

9 Jul 2015

PEAR 2.0 Fitness App expands real-time audio coaching to movement detection and the ability to chart and track fitness gains through VO2 max

IRVINE, Calif.—July 9, 2015—PEAR Sports, a leader in fitness training based on real-time audio coaching innovations, announces an extensive upgrade of its PEAR platform featuring coaching based on movement detection, fitness level tracking, and content curation. PEAR 2.0 is an interactive and adaptive workout system that goes beyond existing training devices, providing interactive, real-time audio coaching from world-class coaches and on-demand audio stats based on your body’s response to the workout.

PEAR Sports has teamed up with over 50 world-class fitness experts, athletes and coaches to create custom training programs and deliver real-time coaching, specific to the goals and performance levels of each unique individual. With more than 500 unique workout programs ranging from running to yoga to strength training, PEAR 2.0 offers a holistic mobile fitness solution, making personalized training available to anyone, anywhere.

“Over the past year, the original PEAR app has undergone an extensive transformation incorporating user feedback, expert knowledge and industry trends,” said Bob Allison, Co-founder of PEAR Sports. “PEAR 2.0’s game-changing technology aims to help both people who are just beginning their fitness journeys and athletes already in shape, maximizing their potential and helping them to reach their highest goals.”  

Key New Features of PEAR 2.0 Include:

Fitness Score Based on VO2 Max – VO2 max is a widely accepted standard for cardiovascular capacity and a strong indicator of personal fitness level. PEAR Sports incorporates VO2 max measurement into their latest app, eliminating the confusion and expense of lab tests, and providing highly-individualized fitness testing, progress reporting and actionable insights on exercise, stress and recovery to the consumer each day.

“I personally use VO2 max as a benchmark in my training. It not only shows me the progress I’m making during training, but also how my fitness compares with other people my age and gender,” said Deena Kastor, Olympic medalist and long-distance runner. “But whether your goal is qualifying for the Boston Marathon, or you’re simply looking to lose a few pounds, VO2 Max is an important number for you to know and understand.”

Personalized Workout Recommendations – With the plethora of activity monitors and fitness gadgets being introduced to the market, consumers have now gathered an abundance of useful data. PEAR Sports will now aggregate and analyze data from several partner devices. By taking activity level, interests, biometrics, current locations and preferred training methods of the end user into consideration, PEAR can recommend daily workouts based on the user’s fitness goals.

“Training in all aspects of fitness is important for not only building an athlete, but creating overall health,” said Kirk Olson, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Minnesota Wild. “The right combination of strength training, cardio, flexibility, interval training and rest in a training plan will get people results faster than a singular activity. PEAR’s ability to recommend the right balance of workouts to achieve your goals is the next best thing to having someone like me working out with you day in and day out.”

Movement Detection- PEAR 2.0 expands beyond heart rate coaching and now integrates with Wahoo TICKR X to provide coaching based on dozens of strength movements including squats, lunges, push-ups and crunches. Wahoo and PEAR are working together to expand these abilities with additional lifts and movements added continuously.

PEAR 2.0 syncs directly with the PEAR Mobile Training Intelligence System, consisting of a PEAR Bluetooth heart rate monitor and PEAR Stride™ earphones to track distance, speed, pace, time, heart rate and calorie consumption when running, biking or engaging in other exercise activities.

PEAR 2.0 can now be downloaded directly from iTunes. For more information on PEAR 2.0, visit  

About PEAR Sports:

With a vision to make the latest in training science accessible, PEAR Sports introduces an intuitive technology that guides users through every step of their fitness journey. With over 500 unique workout programs, users can experience interactive audio workouts, personalized training and access some of the world’s most talented athletes and fitness experts. By handling all the measurements and data for the user, PEAR keeps the user focused on his or her goal. The interactive software empowers users to train smarter for better, faster results. Visit: | @pearsports.


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