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Outdoor Tech® Debuts the Tuis- the Next Generation in Premium, Wireless Audio with Distinct ODT Design

30 May 2013

Designed for the serious audiophile who wants premium sound and comfort without traditional headphone wires, the Tuis feature Bluetooth 4.0, really, really comfortable ear pads, a folding form factor for easy transport and a 3.5mm line-in jack for those times when you just have to plug in

Outdoor Tech® Tuis will be on display at CE Week June 26 – June 27, 2013 at Booth # 45

NEW YORK – Outdoor Tech®, the same outdoor designer brand that brought you the Turtle Shell® rugged wireless boom box, has introduced the Tuis (pronounced two-wees) the premium headphone in ODT’s growing wireless assortment.  The Tuis will feature a host of convenient and well-designed features, including integrated music/call controls, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery good for 16 hours of play time and 19 hours of talk time, and premium Hi-Fi sound quality.

Additionally, ODT’s new flagship headphones fold up for compact portability, come with a hard case for whenever you’re not using them and feature a 3.5mm jack that allows the them to be used in situations that don’t allow for Bluetooth connectivity, like on an airplane or with a device that lacks Bluetooth capability. The Tuis’ combination of comfort, durability, style, and premium sound will satisfy the needs of every audiophile, design junky, gearhead, and international (wo)man of mystery.

“Tuis are the perfect blend of high design, rad sound, and the latest in Bluetooth technology,” says Caro Krissman, Outdoor Tech’s CEO.  “The fuel gauge on your device which ensures that you never run out of juice and the ability to jack into airplane systems when on long flights are awesome features for road warriors and heavy users.  The bottom line is the Tuis crush higher-priced competitors that lack the feature sets and audio quality.  I’m pretty sure you are going to want to get your hands on some Tuis this holiday season.”


The versatility, packed feature set and distinct Outdoor Tech® design style that Krissman references is exactly why the Tuis have been getting so much attention . Outdoor Tech’s mission is to create Stuff You Probably Want®, and, well, they nailed it with the Tuis.

The Tuis headphones will be available in October 2013 for $149.99 MSRP.

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About Outdoor Tech®:

The fundamental dilemma: blending a modern lifestyle in the age of mobility with the drive to be outdoors.  Our development of wireless audio has been shaped by this constant push and pull, to stay connected but not tethered. Mobile devices have reshaped how we live, but standing alone, they merely scratch the surface on enhancing our lifestyle.  A mobile device that requires a cord to play music and have a conversation is like a brain using only portion of its potential, cut the cord to realize a higher consciousness.    Outdoor Tech® is about escape; breaking away from the city, routine, and the mundane. Our pulse beats design, style and creation.  We don’t define ourselves by the space that confines us, but we do draw from it. Our mission is to create stuff you probably want, stuff that enhance experiences with the outdoors, with technology, and within. To learn more about Outdoor Tech® visit www.outdoortech.com or find us on Facebook.



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