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Optrix Unveils New Extreme Mounts for XD Sports Case

16 Oct 2012

Custom designed military grade mounts, including the world’s strongest suction cup, transforms the iPhone 4, 4S and iPod Touch into an extreme wide-lens camera

Optrix and Teton Gravity Research unveil video highlighting the XD Sport’s capability and ruggedness

Marin, CA – October 16, 2012Optrix, designer of action sports video cases, unveils a selection of heavy duty, waterproof mounting accessories designed to enhance the shooting capabilities of the acclaimed XD Sport Wide-Angle action case.

Optrix’s new selection of accessories; including the world’s strongest suction cups, a Quarter 20 mount and a rotating suction cup, perfectly attaches to the XD Sport and eliminates the need for adhesives.  The heavy duty mounts also add flexibility, giving extreme sports enthusiasts the ability to easily and quickly remove, transfer and secure their XD Sport between surfaces.

“The XD Sport is the first extreme sports case that utilizes the iPhone to safely capture, edit and upload wide-angle 1080P videos,” said John Willenborg, founder of Optrix.  “The new accessories expand the XD Sports’ ability to repurpose a powerful device, giving users unlimited options to capturing memories, experiences and feats.”

To fully showcase the versatility and ruggedness of the XD Sport, Optrix partnered with Teton Gravity Research, the premier video production company in the action sports industry to film their new demo real.  TGR has produced 28 award winning feature length films and is known for its stable of world class athletes, progressive creativity and ability to showcase cutting edge lifestyle and activities.  To view the video, please visit http://vimeo.com/50330065.

“TGR believes that imagination is more important than knowledge and we are passionate about showcasing the athlete’s perspective and imagination through our work,” stated Brian Wulf, producer of TGR.  “We partnered with Optrix on this video project because their products allow athletes to fully capture their unique perspective; from snowboarding, surfing or skiing, to base jumping and even rock climbing.”

Product Highlights:

Suction Cup

  • Heavy duty aluminum and nylon suction cup system
  • Multiple pivot points make adjusting shooting angles safe and easy
  • Perfect for fast mounting and ideal for auto racing

Super Sucker

  • One of the world’s strongest waterproof suction cups
  • Provides up to 120 psi of waterproof pumping power
  • Utilizes similar technology found in construction equipment
  • Easy to spot indicator alerts users of any loss in pressure

Quarter 20 Mount

  • Easily mount the XD Sport to any tripods, monopods or suction cups
  • Features a female 1/4 -20 threaded screw on the bottom

Optrix’s new selections of mounting accessories are available individually or in bundles at www.optrix.com.  The Optrix XD Sport action sports case can be found at select Apple stores, Best Buy stores and Target stores; and online at Apple.com, Bestbuy.com and www.optrix.com.

For additional information about Optrix, visit our website or contact PR representative Pedro Chen at 305-374-4404 x139, PedroChen@maxborgesagency.com.

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Designer of action sports video cases for iPhone 4, 4S and iPod Touch that enables capturing in all environments while taking advantage of the iPhone 4S interface and advanced video capabilities.

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