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Onehundred Launches ‘Pucs’ Rechargeable Ice on Kickstarter

17 Apr 2013

Solid stainless steel ‘Pucs’ deliver the chil’ of ice,

 without diluting your favorite drink

Wayland, MA – David and Calvin Laituri, founders of the new product brand Onehundred, have launched the Pucs project, essentially ‘rechargeable ice’ that won’t dilute drinks with unwanted water, on Kickstarter. Pucs, machined from solid Stainless Steel, will be offered in sets of 6 and will be delivered in a solid Maple or Walnut case and can be used in any drink for the perfect chilling experience. Pucs are available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting at $35 at

“We like to think of Pucs as ‘rechargeable ice’ – all the chilling benefits of a traditional ice cube without the added taste of that month-old fish at the bottom of your freezer or adding all the unwanted water at the end”, says David Laituri, Founder of Onehundred. “With a strong commitment to sustainability, we bake a high level of environmental thoughtfulness into everything we create. Pucs was created by using sustainable sourced wood, renewable energy and local manufacturing.”

Everyone has a favorite drink that’s best when chilled… scotch, apple juice, mineral water, bourbon, OJ, beer or chardonnay. Ice can handle the chilling job, but can leave behind unwanted chemicals, and flavors, plus a lot of extra water your drink could do without.

Stainless steel is a gradual conductor, so a set of Pucs will chill steadily and evenly, and stay cool for quite a while. Pucs are an excellent heat absorber as well. A room-temperature Puc will take the edge off of blazing hot coffee, quickly bringing it to a more drinkable temperature.

SOLID Stainless Steel Design

– Pucs are precision machined from solid stainless steel, are 100% inert, will not add or subtract from the flavor of your drink in any way.
– They will not absorb smells or flavors from your freezer, will not degrade, leak, pit, chip, flake, crack or dissolve.
– Simply clean them with soap and water or give them a quick ride in the dishwasher, then send them to the freezer to re-chill

Onehundred, a new lifestyle brand that celebrates a community of local manufacturing talent, came up with the idea for Pucs as a fun way to launch the brand. Founder David Laituri is no stranger to the Kickstarter crowd funding community – his last project, the 1Q Bluetooth sound system for Vers was funded at nearly 2000% over the original project goal.

“We built up such a positive camaraderie with our supporter community by sharing the process and welcoming input from everyone,” says Laituri. “Onehundred is a new brand developed specifically with them in mind. We are combining some of the awesome manufacturing talents found in our New England backyard with the passion of our enthusiastic international fans through simple, thoughtful design. It’s the first true ‘community brand’ and Pucs is the first of MANY projects to come.”

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About Onehundred:

Founded in 2013 by designer/entrepreneur David Laituri, Onehundred is the first true community brand, combining local New England manufacturing talent with an enthusiastic, passionate fan base through thoughtful, sustainable design. Visit for more information.


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