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Onehundred Announces Kickstarter Funding Goal for Pucs Surpassed by 2300%

15 May 2013

Solid stainless steel ‘Pucs’ add the chill of ice to drinks without the water – Preorder before June 1st for a special price

Wayland, MA – David and Calvin Laituri, founders of the new product brand Onehundred, are thrilled to announce the runaway success of their Kickstarter project, Pucs. Pucs, essentially ‘rechargeable ice’ are made from solid stainless steel and won’t dilute drinks with unwanted water, met its funding goal and surpassed it by 2300%. Drink lovers, spirit connoisseurs and coffee fans have 15 days remaining to save by pre-ordering their own set of Pucs by June 1, 2013 at

“I’m simply amazed at the world wide enthusiasm we’ve gotten on the Pucs project. Surpassing our fundraising goal by almost 2300% has made us speechless,” says David Laituri, Founder of Onehundred. “Pucs are the first of many fun projects that we are currently working on – all produced within 100 miles of our headquarters and shared first with our crowd funding friends.”

Pucs are really good at adding ‘class to your glass’; they look great, they sparkle and they add a nice amount of weight to a drink. Pucs also give a bartender the chance to use higher quality ‘select’ pure water as a mixer with whiskey instead of whatever is used in their ice or their tap. They elevate the scotch, whiskey or wine-drinking experience and show respect for the spirit of choice.

Stainless steel is a gradual conductor, so a set of Pucs will chill steadily and evenly, and stay cool for quite a while. Pucs are an excellent heat absorber as well. A room-temperature Puc will take the edge off of blazing hot coffee, quickly bringing it to a more drinkable temperature in less then a minute.

Pucs are precision machined from solid stainless steel and will not add or subtract from the flavor of your drink in any way. They will not absorb smells or flavors from your freezer, will not degrade, leak, pit, chip, flake, crack or dissolve. Simply clean them with soap and water, then send them to the freezer to re-chill.

For more information about Pucs visit

About Onehundred:

Founded in 2013 by designer/entrepreneurs David and Calvin Laituri, Onehundred is the first true community brand, combining local New England manufacturing talent with an enthusiastic, passionate fan base through thoughtful, sustainable design. Visit for more information.



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