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One Giant Leap Unveils World’s First Kayak Power Meter with ANT+ Connectivity

11 Jul 2013

Using ANT+ ultra low power technology, kayakers can now monitor paddle power output, power balance and stroke rate, all in real-time

Gisborne, New Zealand – (July 11, 2013)One Giant Leap, an award-winning company specializing in real-time feedback of human body mechanics and performance, and ANT+, the leading wireless technology for sport, fitness and health data monitoring, introduce the paddle-based Kayak Power Meter. The ultra low power Kayak Power Meter is an instrumented paddle shaft, that with blades attached, provides real-time left/right feedback of performance data including power output , power balance and stroke rate. One Giant Leap’s Kayak Power Meter will be available in September 2013 and they are accepting pre-orders now.

Compatible with any ANT+ display unit that supports the ANT+ Power profile, this device allows kayakers to create the perfect data monitoring setup for their needs. It is customized for shaft stiffness and length, capturing left and right stroke data individually, giving paddlers a detailed reading on each stroke’s performance.

Similar to ANT+ cycling power meter and bike computer setups, the Kayak Power Meter uses ANT+ ultra low power technology to wirelessly capture and display power metrics on any ANT+ enabled fitness watch or kayak mounted computer. Data can also be viewed on a tablet or smartphone that comes equipped with native ANT+ support or the device can connect to ANT+ through an adapter. ANT+ technology permits data to be delivered simultaneously on multiple devices, allowing not only the athletes to see data in real-time, but coaches on the sideline or in a nearby kayak can also monitor data and make changes on the fly to maximize performance.

“Like cycling, power is the single most important number for tracking performance in kayaking,” said One Giant Leap’s Managing Director, Mathew Pottinger. “Boat speed can be influenced by uncontrollable factors such as wind and current, while power is a direct and consistent measurement of effort, regardless of conditions. With ANT+ computers already in heavy use among serious kayakers, having the Kayak Power Meter send data via ANT+ to the computers we’re already familiar with is the most reliable way to monitor all these metrics in real-time.”

“The Kayak Power Meter is a great example of how ANT+ technology can be applied in sport use cases outside of traditional biking and running scenarios,” said ANT Wireless Vice President, Rod Morris. “The interoperability of ANT+ gives users the choice to customize their monitoring setup by matching their power meter with a head unit or watch manufactured by top brands such as Garmin, Timex, Suunto, Magellan and CycleOps.”

Visit the ANT+ Product Directory for a list of products that are compatible with the Kayak Power Meter: The Kayak Power Meter is available for NZD$1,039. Pre-orders start today and the product will ship in September 2013. Visit for more information.

To request additional information about One Giant Leap’s Kayak Power Meter, please contact PR Representative for ANT+, Brad Hobbs at (305) 374-4404 x 119 or by e-mail at

About One Giant Leap (
One Giant Leap is an award-winning company specializing in developing electronic solutions to monitor the mechanics of the human body and/or sporting equipment in order to provide real-time performance feedback. Although officially incorporated in 2009, the roots of the company started a year earlier as a hand-picked team of engineers given the challenging task of creating the world’s first power meter for a kayaker. The project was commissioned by the New Zealand government for the NZ Olympic kayak team.

About ANT / ANT+ (
ANT is a proven protocol and silicon solution for ultra-low power (ULP) practical wireless networking applications.
ANT+, (managed networks built on the base ANT protocol) defines device profiles that specify data formats, channel parameters and network keys.  This leading ultra-low power (ULP) wireless technology, allows effortless communication between monitoring devices for health, fitness and sport. Leading brands including Garmin, Timex, Sony Mobile, A&D Medical and CycleOps use ANT+ technology to create monitoring systems that work simply and reliably.

The ANT+ Alliance is an open special interest group of companies who have adopted the ANT+ promise of interoperability. The Alliance ensures standardized communications through optimized brand value and partnerships with other top tier products.

The company behind ANT Wireless is Dynastream Innovations Inc. (   Dynastream was established in 1998 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. in December 2006. Dynastream is based in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, and is a world innovator in the research and development of inertial and wireless technology.

ANT+ Product Directory (
The ANT+ Product Directory is a complete inventory of all ANT+ certified or verified products. It is a tool designed specifically to help consumers source hundreds of industry-leading devices and all compatible products within the vast ANT+ ecosystem. Devices may be searched by product name, brand, activity or product category, allowing the consumer to create a monitoring system that meets their specific needs.

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