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Newest Pop Group Sensation, One Call, lighten their gear load with a portable monitoring package by AKG, APB-Dynasonics, & Future Sonics

13 Jan 2010

Wright Entertainment Group’s newest pop group utilizes a portable monitoring package designed for easy transport, which consistently delivers high quality sound to One Call’s various appearances and venues

[JOINT RELEASE] Vienna, Austria / Totawa, New Jersey / Bristol, Pennsylvania – (January 13, 2010) – Wright Entertainment Group recently introduced the newest addition to their star studded roster with the singing group, One Call. The four piece pop group spent the summer as the opening act on some dates of the Britney Spears’ Circus Tour as well as finishing up the year with their own high school tour.

This next generation group has streamlined the amount of equipment they carry by using a compact package designed for easier transport, load-in and load-out; while still having complete control of both their stage and FOH audio.   Starting with their choice to use the AKG IVM-4 wireless personal monitoring system, AKG wireless receiver microphone SR4000 receivers / handheld HT4000 transmitters with AKG D5 capsules, this package contains high-quality equipment that caters to One Call’s diverse performance schedule. According to One Call’s Audio Engineer, Doug Lemke, “The quality from the wireless system is the AKG standard for excellence. Now when I think wireless I think AKG.”

In combination with the AKG system, all four members are wearing Future Sonics Ear Monitors® brand custom personal monitors and also Future Sonics Award winning Atrio® universal earphones as their backups.  Lemke goes on to say “Future Sonics has worked with me every step of the way with the in ears and packaging of this complete system so I can have consistency everywhere One Call performs.  Marty and the Future Sonics Team go above and beyond to help all of our needs.”  The group’s sound is being mixed through an APB-Dynasonics ProRack-Monitor Console (M1016) which is “compact enough to pack as baggage and is built to go from the bus to the plane so no matter where we are the band has the same in ear sound they love,” says Lemke.  The dynamic MG™ drivers found in the Ear Monitors® paired with the APB-Dynasonics ProRack analog console truly delivers an awesome and natural energy, indicative of the Future Sonics audio signature and ideal for singing groups like One Call.

Lemke found the best approach to achieving consistent sound quality and stereo mixes at each show was by carrying their own compact monitoring system.  This package of top notch equipment helps to meet the challenges of a wide range of tour dates and venues.  In addition, the consistency really helps the sustainability of the young group’s hearing health.   Lemke states, “Looking at the ‘big picture’ we want the right solutions for the long-term as well as for what we are doing today and these companies deliver every time.”

About AKG:
AKG was founded in 1947 and within months, the first AKG microphones were being used in radio stations, theatres and Jazz-Clubs. Today AKG is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality microphones, headphones and wireless-equipment.  AKG, founded in Vienna by Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ernst Pless, soon became one of the biggest players in the world of sound. AKG is synonymous with good sound, stands for passion in music providing the highest quality and ongoing innovation in the world of music.

About APB-Dynasonics:
APB-DynaSonics has been successfully designing and manufacturing its high performance Spectra Series live analog mixing consoles in Totowa, New Jersey since 2004.  APB consoles can also be found in leading installations worldwide including Grace Cathedral in San Francisco; Sun City in Jakarta, Indonesia; Rebel NYC in New York City; The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey; Colonial Theater in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and Café Campus in Montreal, Canada, just to name a few.  Since its inception, APB-DynaSonics has become known for its hands-on and market-sensitive approach to the art of designing and manufacturing analog consoles.


About Future Sonics:

Future Sonics is the award-winning original innovator of professional custom and universal fit earphones for personal monitoring for major tours, venues, artists, engineers, broadcasting and houses of worship worldwide. Their dedication to the finest audio quality, reliability and personal service continue to serve the industry’s professionals with their Ear Monitors® brand, Atrio™ Series, SofterWear™ professional products, OEM product development and production consulting as they have since 1985. Future Sonics personal monitors are recognized by H.E.A.R.® as products offering their full range of sound and performance at – even the lowest volumes. Future Sonics products are available through their web site at http://www.earmonitors.com, from their authorized global network dealers or your local audiologists and hearing specialists offering BIGGER SOUND @ lower volume.™

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