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New from Click & Grow: Companion App, Handcrafted Wooden Cases and Craft Beer Herbs

21 Jun 2016

Palo Alto, Calif. – June 21, 2016 – Click & Grow, the leading creator of high-tech and self-watering electronic planters that makes indoor gardening easy and hassle free, introduces a new iOS app to accompany the Smart Herb Garden. The Click & Grow app will offer support, tips and will ensure your plants are growing exactly as they should. Simply activate your plants via the app when you start growing to keep track of when your plants will sprout, when they should be watered and tips for recipes when it’s time to harvest. Click & Grow also announces new accessories including a new series of handcrafted wooden cases for your Smart Herb Garden and new plant refills. The distinctively designed wooden cases, like the Smart Herb Garden, seamlessly bring the indoors into your kitchen, living space or windowsill to add a modern yet natural touch to your home. The wooden cases are cut and handcrafted from real, solid wood and are as unique as the plants in the Smart Garden. They are sized just right to house your Smart Herb Garden, and are finished with a natural, resilient and water-repellent oil-based wax. The wooden case series features three distinct woods, American White Oak, Black Alder and Walnut, ranging from $99 to $159. While the wooden case series bring a fresh look, Click & Grow’s updated refills of plant capsules bring new and fresh flavors and flowers to your home. These refill combo packs, herb and flower refills feature the best, professional-grade seeds with a 100 percent germination rate. New refills include a Craft Beer Mix, Gourmet Pizza Mix, Flowers like Sweet Alyssum and an Experimental Refill, to take your home cooked meals and hand crafted beverages to the next level with totally fresh, organic, GMO-free herbs and greens grown in your own home. The Craft Beer Mix ($49.95) features a blend of herbs that allows budding brewers to create spiced up beer cocktails or add new flavors to their artisanal libations made from scratch. The mix comes with three basil, thyme and chili pepper plants (nine plant capsules total) that sprout in 1-2 weeks, come to full size in 1-2 months and last for a full year. Similarly, the Gourmet Pizza Mix allows home chefs to recreate their most memorable pizza experiences at home. The nine plant kit lasts a full year and includes basil to add flavor to everything from pizza, pasta, and salads, along with thyme to add a spark to meat and vegetables, as well as oregano to bring authentic Mediterranean flavors to your kitchen. Other mixes include the Divine Tea Mix and the Fruit Mix. Click & Grow has also introduced flowers to their line up so users can now grow beautiful buds like Sweet Alyssum. They also created an Experimental Refill 3-pack ($19.95) that contains an advanced version of their Smart Soil to boost the sprouting and growth of any plant you wish to grow. Just add the seed of your chosen plant to the soil and click in the refill capsule to experiment and grow your favorite herbs and flowers. More refills, including Click & Grow’s Catnip for feline-lovers, can be found at All of Click & Grow’s refill plant capsules are filled with Smart Soil, which features their nano-tech growth medium that releases just the right amount of water, oxygen, and nutrients to ensure your plants get the food they need to grow. No pesticides, fungicides, hormones or any other kind of harmful substances are used in any of Click & Grow’s fresh homegrown herbs and flowers. The Smart Herb Garden’s adjustable LED Grow Lamp is designed specifically for faster germination and growth, and features a built-in timer that turns on the light for 16 hours each day for the perfect amount of light for faster growth. The lamp provides the optimum spectra at 10,000 lux and only requires 3 watts of energy, which equates to a marginal 2-3 dollars a year of additional electricity.  To learn more about Click & Grow’s technology, go to About Click & Grow: Click & Grow’s mission is to provide sustainable, clean and affordable food to all.  As the leading creator of easy-to-use electronic smartpots that grow plants without need for manual watering and fertilizing, the company’s specially developed and patented growth medium enables users to grow fresh herbs, vegetables and plants in all environments. The Smart Herb Garden, which features NASA-inspired technology, gives everyone a chance to grow fresh food straight from their kitchen with ease. In 2003, Click & Grow introduced the Smart Farm, a scalable high tech food growing system controlled over the internet that adjusts its software according to local environmental needs, helped advance Click & Grow’s mission even further.  To learn more about Click & Grow’s comprehensive line up of products and plants, visit


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