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11 Nov 2018

TEL AVIV, Israel – Moodo, the first smart home aroma diffuser created by fragrance industry leaders, Agan Aroma, today announces its new software interface designed specifically for hotel management at the 2018 HX: Hotel Experience show. Enabled through Moodo’s network of WiFi connected aroma diffusers, hotels can now offer remote scent control for every room, all controlled from the front desk.

Moodo is the first smart aroma diffuser that offers fragrance-mixing technology, enabling users to personalize their environment with unmatched flexibility to match any mood. Moodo can mix up to four scent capsules simultaneously, allowing users, and now hotel management, to activate a wide variety of preset fragrance options or mix and match to customize their own scents. Its dozens of scent capsules, expertly grouped into scent families that complement each other, can take people from a beachfront in Bali to a lavender field in California at the touch of a button or through WiFi-enabled remote control.

With Moodo’s new interface, hotel management will be able to:

  • Turn on/off room fragrancing upon check-in/out or per guests’ request.
  • Upgrade scent management significantly with centralized remote control, selection of scent type, intensity and duration in every room.
  • Maintain a consistent signature scent experience in every hotel room without having to individually manage each room.
  • Schedule specific scents and intensities, like scent-triggered wake up calls or scheduled morning/afternoon/evening scent variations.
  • Offer customizable options for guests who request more, less, or specific fragrances to aid in relaxation or focus.

Moodo is owned by parent-company Agan Aroma, which has been providing fragrance solutions for over 40 years. Moodo fragrances are made of the highest quality with perfumery and production in Grasse, France.


Moodo, created by fragrance industry leaders Agan Aroma, is the first smart home aroma diffuser that is designed to enhance your well-being through personalizing your environment. Moodo extends the smart home’s boundaries to include the olfactory sense with the first ever aroma diffuser that enables scent personalization. Each smart diffuser holds four capsules that are expertly curated into “scent families” or can be mixed and matched for a personalized scent all of your own. Users can take full control of their home’s ambiance and create the right scents to suit their mood using the Moodo app, Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, RESTful API and IFTTT.

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