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Mitte®, the World’s First Smart Healthy Water System, Reaches 100% Funding in Just Over 24 Hours; Continues Rapid Climb on Kickstarter

27 Oct 2017

At-home smart water system quickly reaches funding goal and was selected as Kickstarter’s Products We Love: Technology on their homepage

Berlin – Mitte®, the company on a mission to improve lives with healthy water, launched an at-home, countertop smart water purification system on Tuesday, and quickly became fully funded the following day. Continuing to earn backers across the world and gain popularity with the Kickstarter community, Mitte is now more than 205% funded and was selected as Kickstarter’s “Products We Love: Technology” and featured prominently on the platform’s homepage.

Mitte is redefining the way we think about drinking water, by providing consumers with a user-centric, unique experience that gives them complete control of their hydration and wellness. Inspired by nature, Mitte not only purifies water via distillation but also offers customized mineral enhancements via cartridges to deliver truly healthy daily drinking water.

With tap water often impure and unreliable, plastic bottles unsustainable and expensive, and current water purification systems that just purify and don’t enhance, Mitte combats these problems by offering consumers a way to create mineralized and contaminant-free water at home or at the office. Operating with a connected ecosystem, internet connectivity and smart software to incorporate a demand-driven subscription model, Mitte requires no additional effort from the end-user.

“We’re thrilled to have the support of the Kickstarter community and see this project resonate with people,” says Moritz Waldstein, Founder and CEO of Mitte. “We set out on a mission to provide access to truly healthy water to the world, and this is only the beginning.”

By backing Mitte, users donate a day’s worth of clean drinking water to someone in need for every liter of water they drink at no extra cost, through Mitte’s one-for-one program. Mitte has partnered with American NGO,, to fulfill that guarantee.

To learn more about the Mitte smart water system visit Due to popular demand, Mitte has brought back it’s $279 early bird price, which includes the Mitte machine and one cartridge.


About Mitte®

Mitte® is a Berlin-based start-up aiming to improve lives with better water. Mitte has built a first of its kind smart water system that enables users to turn tap water into purified and personalized mineral water right in their homes. Its proprietary purification technology cleans water to an unmatched degree and enhances it with minerals to create healthy water for drinking. Mitte brings not just pure, but healthy water to everyone, the way nature intends it to be.

Mitte is backed by Atlantic Food Labs and Doehler Ventures.

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