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Mitte®, the World’s First Smart Healthy Water System, Delivers Pure Water with Personalized Mineral Enhancements

24 Oct 2017

At-home smart water system combines distillation with customized, lifestyle-based mineral enhancements

Berlin – Mitte®, the company on a mission to improve lives with healthy water, has developed an at-home, countertop smart water purification system that not only purifies water via distillation but also offers customized mineral enhancements to deliver truly healthy daily drinking water. Tap water is often impure and unreliable, plastic bottles are unsustainable and expensive, and water purification systems just purify and don’t enhance. Mitte combats these problems by offering consumers a way to create mineralized and contaminant-free water at home or at the office.

Mitte is inspired by nature, its mineral cartridges replicate the naturally occurring process when pure water flows through rocks at the source picking up minerals on the way, the same way water is derived from the French Alps or Fiji. Mitte allows users to personalize their daily drinking water with 3 different mineral cartridges containing varying levels of natural minerals and ingredients. Available today on Kickstarter with pledge levels starting at $234, Mitte offers a new solution to combat a global problem: access to pure, healthy drinking water.

“We want to redefine the way people think about drinking water. ‘Healthy water’ combines the purest purification system with personalized minerals, providing consumers with a unique experience that gives them complete control of their hydration and wellness,” said Moritz Waldstein, Founder and CEO of Mitte. “Water is usually overlooked as a source of minerals, but it actually contains several of the essential minerals for the human body, often removed in the purification process by common filtration systems. Mitte not only purifies but also enhances drinking water with minerals to create the perfect, curated water for each user’s needs, all from home. With Mitte, we say goodbye to the inconvenience of carrying those cases of mineral water home, and the plastic waste that results,” Waldstein adds.

Introducing Healthy & Personalized Water: Mitte’s proprietary purification process creates the cleanest water on the market, unmatched by any other water purification system, forming the basis for re-mineralization. While other systems remove important healthy minerals in water along with contaminants, Mitte incorporates a mineral cartridge in its unique process to re-mineralize the purified water with natural ingredients, adding vitality and taste while making water healthy for consumption. Mitte offers three different mineral cartridges including Alkaline with a high pH level, which neutralizes acid in the body and the bloodstream, leading to increased oxygen levels and improved energy and metabolism. It also contains antioxidant properties, rejuvenates the skin, lubricates muscles and joints, and helps to balance natural pH levels during pregnancy. The Balance cartridge adds basic minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium to create a softer water with a neutral taste, ideal for brewing coffee or tea, or for use in baby food preparation. The Vitality cartridge has a higher concentration of these basic minerals plus a dose of trace minerals like manganese, iron, selenium and zinc for a more complex taste. Vitality is perfect for those with an active lifestyle and healthy diet who need a boost of hydration for peak physical and mental performance. Each cartridge produces 400 liters of pure and re-mineralized water.

While Mitte’s enhancements give users the option to add minerals to their water, it’s purification process eliminates even the most complex impurities in drinking water. Compared to other filtration-only systems such as pitcher filters or filters integrated into refrigerators, Mitte creates the industry benchmark with water that is 60x cleaner than water that has passed through a pitcher filter. Many of these contaminants are man-made from industry and agriculture. mitte will purify water of these contaminants and others, such as harmful hormones, nitrates, fluorides and microplastics to create the perfect water as the basis for re-mineralization.

Automated Smart Subscription Model: Taking a user-centric design approach, Mitte seeks to fix more than just drinking water itself, but want to change the user experience as well. With a direct-to-consumer smart subscription model, Mitte is providing a sustainable, functional and hassle-free process for automatic ordering of the mineral cartridges. Mitte relies on a connected ecosystem, internet connectivity and smart software to incorporate a demand-driven subscription model that requires no additional effort from the end-user. Mitte automatically delivers a new cartridge when the current one is running low, ensuring users never run out of healthy water. By replicating nature’s water distillation method, Mitte was also able to eliminate the need for filters in the purification process, making it a system that doesn’t require replacement filters or the responsibility of the user to change them.

Complex Technology Distilled into Modern Beautiful Design: The accompanying mobile app functions as a control center for machine settings, that not only allows users to dispense water at a preselected temperature but also keeps track of daily water consumption and water quality. The outer shell of the machine is as simple and sleek as its iconic wooden button, concealing a complex, well-engineered system inside. The modern, German-influenced engineering and design complements and blends to any kitchen’s décor.

Charitable Partnership to Provide Clean Drinking Water to All: Mitte’s primary goal is to combat a global problem with a local solution. Designing a personal appliance for consumers is just the first step. By backing Mitte, users donate a day’s worth of clean drinking water to someone in need for every liter of water they drink at no extra cost, through Mitte’s one-for-one program. Mitte has partnered with American NGO,, to fulfill that guarantee. Users can even view live data of total and personal donations to the water project in the Mitte app.

Mitte is available for pre-order on Kickstarter today. Early Bird prices starting at $234 for the first 20 units. Visit Mitte on Kickstarter to discover additional pledge levels.


About Mitte®

Mitte® is a Berlin-based start-up aiming to improve lives with better water. Mitte has built a first of its kind smart water system that enables users to turn tap water into purified and personalized mineral water right in their homes. Its proprietary purification technology cleans water to an unmatched degree and enhances it with minerals to create healthy water for drinking. Mitte brings not just pure, but healthy water to everyone, the way nature intends it to be.

Mitte is backed by Atlantic Food Labs and Doehler Ventures.

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