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Memoto Announces the Debut of its New Documentary, LifeLoggers

28 May 2013

This documentary touches on an important change in how people understand and remember their lives through self-tracking health devices, logs of daily activities through social networks to incoming technologies like Google Glass and Memoto

Linkoping, Sweden – Memoto, the startup behind the stamp sized lifelogging camera, today releases a documentary film about the “lifelogging” phenomena. The Swedish firm sent out two film students into the world to explore and document how lifelogging is going to change how we remember our lives, track and monitor our health and find out any possible risks of documenting our lives. The two students, Amanda Alm and Ville Boom, traveled around the world for six weeks interviewing pioneers in the field, entrepreneurs, and lifeloggers.

“We didn’t know anything about lifelogging but we soon realized that it’s a trend that will affect all of us,” said Amanda Alm. “It was super exciting to meet people like Gordon Bell and Steve Mann who more or less have invented a whole new way of documenting peoples’ lives. What they had to tell about the future was fascinating.”

“Lifelogging”, which refers to registering your life with technical tools and services, was once an obscure hobby explored by only a tightknit group of researchers. Today, it has evolved into an exploding trend, gaining mainstream popularity through mediums such as Facebook and Instagram.  Life tracking technologies are also growing in popularity with smart-phone apps that keep a record of your life. People are using technology to track efficiency at work (Yast), exercise (Runkeeper) and even sleep (Sleeptrak). The next stage of innovation, in hardware, has been rapidly growing with innovations such as the Memoto Camera and Google Glass expected to hit market in 2013.

 “Memoto is a part of this trend and we wanted to listen to what other people, who have been active lifeloggers for years, think about the future. Instead of just emailing and asking and keeping the answers to ourselves, we decided to meet them in person, film the meeting and make a movie out of it so more people can take part of the results,” explained Martin Källström.

The documentary features insightful discussions with experts in the field such as Google Glass’ technical lead Thad Starner, Microsoft’s Gordon Bell, and Steve Mann who is considered “the father” of wearable technology. The Lifeloggers documentary can now be viewed at .

 About Memoto

Memoto is a Swedish startup with a vision of giving everyone a true photographic memory. As an innovator in the field of lifelogging, Memoto develops products and technologies that offer its users a way to capture and share every special moment of their lives.


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