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Max Borges Agency Adds On Board Systems Inc. to Client Roster

2 Jan 2009

Max Borges Agency will be responsible for building national brand awareness for On Board Systems Inc.

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Miami, FL (January 2, 2009) – Max Borges Agency, the only PR agency focused 100% on consumer electronics and gadgets, has recently added On Board Systems Inc. to its client list. On Board Systems Inc. (OBS Inc.) is the creator of a new patented device for the automotive after market industry, a low cost solution to meet the security safety demands of consumers. Max Borges Agency will expand OBS’s media coverage and will be responsible for building national brand awareness.

Max Borges Agency is enthusiastic about the partnership with OBS Inc.  Focusing on key major media across all markets will enable Max Borges Agency to generate quality product reviews and spotlights creating brand awareness for OBS inc.

“The automotive security system OBS has developed is a fantastic product! The media opportunities span a wide range from mainstream consumer to niche security and automotive markets,” said Max Borges, President of Max Borges Agency.

Max Borges Agency will concentrate on generating product reviews and spotlights across all media markets which will build awareness of OBS and create a national brand name in the automotive security.

About The Max Borges Agency

The Max Borges Agency is the only 100% consumer electronics and technology-focused public relations agency in the country. Max Borges Agency, composed of its consumer electronic army, is dedicated to securing massive amounts of exceptional media results for all clients.

About OBS Inc.

On Board Systems is a leader in the automobile security market for high-quality, innovative and professional products accessible to the mainstream consumer and the B2B sector. OBS was created to satisfy the love for mobile products and the protection and safety of others.

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