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Maverick Lifestyle Announces Immediate Availability of Iconic ‘Nica Sunrise’ at Apple Stores and Best Buy

8 Dec 2010

Nica Sunrise ushers in a new era of hands-free simplicity and style with a solution

that maximizes comfort and delivers intuitive convenience for the active lifestyle

Palo Alto, CA – (December 8, 2010) — Maverick Lifestyle, a company dedicated to delivering comfortable and stylish hands-free solutions for the active lifestyle, today announced the retail availability of  Nica Sunrise Bluetooth headset at and select Apple Stores and Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores*. Building off of Nica’s original trendsetting technology, this revolutionary hands-free solution brings a new era of comfort, style and convenience to mobile phone users. A reinvention of the Bluetooth headset, Nica Sunrise features a light-weight, open-air and clean circular design that can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. The advanced comfort features coupled with a unique set of accessories cements the Nica Sunrise as the most user friendly headset design on the market.

“The market research on consumer attitudes toward Bluetooth headsets is clear; people don’t like the current geeky-looking designs and the discomfort due to ear inserts prevalent on all other headsets,” says Maverick CEO Craig Janik.  “Despite many states requiring drivers to use a hands-free solution in the car, less than 1 in 20 mobile phone users use a Bluetooth headset. We designed the Nica Sunrise so that it doesn’t look and feel like a conventional Bluetooth. Users can wear it for long periods of time with no Bluetooth fatigue, and at the same time, they can feel good about how they look.”

Iconic yet unobtrusive design

Nica Sunrise is a departure from unattractive bar-shaped headsets, stemming from Maverick’s goal to counteract the negative stigma associated with wearing an awkward earpiece that protrudes onto one’s face.  With an iconic yet unobtrusive shape, it almost looks like an audio headphone.

A new level of comfort

Mobile phone users can say goodbye to Bluetooth fatigue in-ear syndrome.  The Nica Sunrise’s open-air acoustics allow the headset to be worn comfortably for longer periods because there is no ear insert pressing on the ear canal. The open-air approach also includes a larger speaker than those found on all other headsets, resulting in full audio. It features ergonomically designed separate left and right flexible ear clips and a soft flexible molded rubber pad that rests lightly on the outside of the ear. And the especially thin design allows the headset to lie flat in a pocket or easily fit into a small purse.


The Nica Sunrise headset can be conveniently charged in the car, in the office or from your PC by attaching magnetically to any of Maverick’s three charging dock options. With no USB plugs to fuss over, charging is quick and easy and the headset remains on and connected while charging. The front of the Car Dock Charger rotates up to reveal an auxiliary cigarette jack and includes the nicaConnect® feature which triggers the headset to reconnect to the mobile phone as soon as the user starts the car – just like a built-in hands free system.

“We’ve redesigned our original headset for enhanced comfort and we’ve added yet another charging option with the addition of the mini charger” says Maverick CEO Craig Janik. “Whether you’re a busy mom, business traveler, public commuter or an avid multitasker, our headset is comfortable to wear, and easy to charge, allowing you to go hands-free and engage in other tasks.”

Nica Sunrise is now available for $79.95 MSRP at and select Apple Stores and at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores*. The Nica Sunrise as well as the Car Dock charger ($29.95 MSRP) and the Desk Dock charger ($19.95 MRSP) are available at For more information on the Nica Sunrise and charging dock solutions visit

*Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores are stand-alone mobile-phone focused stores. A store locator is located at

About Maverick Lifestyle Corporation: Maverick Lifestyle Corporation is a consumer technology company focusing on personal communications products for design-conscious consumers. Founded in 2005, Maverick’s philosophy is inspired by the principals of Modernism, which encourage the re-examination of commonly held assumptions to make way for new – and better – ways of doing. Maverick will continue to introduce new personal communication products that deliver on this promise.

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