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MATRIX Industries Announces PowerWatch 2 with On-board Thermoelectric and Solar Power

6 Jan 2019

The new generation of PowerWatch uses two methods of energy harvesting to power the most advanced smartwatch you never need to charge.

PowerWatch 2. Powered by You. Energized by Two.

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January 6, 2019 – Las Vegas, NV – This week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, MATRIX Industries – the materials science pioneers radically changing the way we harvest and use previously wasted energy – are announcing and showcasing PowerWatch 2. The next generation of PowerWatch builds upon the proprietary thermoelectric technology from PowerWatch and PowerWatch X, and adds an additional method of energy harvesting – all new solar cell technology. With the increases in power across the board, PowerWatch 2 comes standard with a completely new set of functions, including features like built-in intelligent heart rate monitoring capabilities, a full-color display and onboard GPS. PowerWatch 2 is available for pre-order today, starting at $200 for early bird pre-orders ($499 MSRP).

“Like other first-generation products, PowerWatch and PowerWatch X introduced a completely new concept to consumers, while also inspiring the dedicated community of backers and early-adopters to share feedback and ideas about the future of PowerWatch,” said MATRIX Co-founder and CEO, Akram Boukai. “So, we spent the last two-years listening, and have designed PowerWatch 2 with community feedback woven throughout its DNA.”

March to the Beat of Your Own Heart.

PowerWatch 2 is designed with improved thermoelectric generators and all-new solar-cell technology, constantly generating more than enough energy to operate the built-in intelligent heart rate monitor, wherever, whenever.

See Our True Colors Shining Through.

With more energy than ever before, PowerWatch 2 introduces the first full-color LCD display powered by thermoelectric and solar energy, adding color to the power of you.

Location. Location. Location.

Always-on onboard GPS makes PowerWatch 2 the ultimate tool for anyone mapping out their run, hike or ride, and allows users to leave their phones at home.

With the introduction of HR and GPS functionality, PowerWatch 2 – and its iOS/Android companion apps – can now provide users with even more useful health and fitness metrics, including the most accurate calorie count industry-wide, pace, distance, steps, sleep, cadence, and more. PowerWatch 2 will also integrate third-party fitness platforms like Apple HealthKit and Google Fit, and is water resistant up to 200m.

While PowerWatch 2 dramatically increases the amount of energy available to the charge-free wearable, MATRIX’s materials science and hardware engineers were able to also further miniaturize both the thermoelectric (TEG) and solar cell processes, decreasing PowerWatch 2’s weight and size even more, while maintaining the rugged aluminum build that consumers fell in love with.

“PowerWatch 2 reaches feature-parity with other industry wearables,” said Douglas Tham, Co-founder and CTO of MATRIX Industries. “Our team worked tirelessly to create an all-purpose smartwatch that is perfectly jam-packed with new functionality and bonus features like gesture recognition and haptic/audio feedback.”

PowerWatch 2 joins a busy CES for MATRIX, as they also showcase their new PowerStation, a standalone patented device that generates energy from the ambient air around it alone.  Both PowerWatch 2 and PowerStation are built with proprietary MATRIX modules, including the MATRIX Gemini TEG and MATRIX Mercury Boost Converter. PowerStation also uses MATRIX’s new Luna Phase Change Material, a revolutionary material that converts time-varying temperature fluctuations into a spatial temperature gradient.

For more information about PowerWatch 2, PowerStation and MATRIX, visit the team at CES Unveiled or Pepcom Digital Experience, or schedule a time during CES by contacting


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MATRIX is a Silicon Valley materials science company, founded in 2011, committed to radically re-engineering energy harvesting solutions to change our #BatteryAnxiety experience with consumer wearables and B2B IoT technology. The team of experts in thermoelectric material science, thermal engineering, energy harvesting, and consumer product development and manufacturing consists of Ph.D. graduates from CalTech, MIT, Harvard and UCSD with 25+ years of experience in manufacturing and shipping leading technology.

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