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Martian Watches Introduces mVoice G2, the First Hybrid Smartwatch to Feature a Smart Display with Traditional Watch Hands, Complete with Voice Calling and Commands

31 Oct 2017

mVoice G2’s timeless, preserved watch design provides smart access to virtual assistants, apps and more with a simple voice command

IRVINE, CA – October 30, 2017Martian Watches, creators of the world’s first smartwatch with voice, announces the mVoice G2, the first hybrid smartwatch to feature traditional watch hands with minute and hour markers over a full round power effective OLED display, complete with voice capabilities. Voice calling and commands offer instant convenience on the wrist with Siri, Alexa and the Google Assistant, giving consumers a smart choice when it comes to preserving and adapting classic watch design to the digital, connected lifestyle. The mVoice G2 is available for pre-order today on Kickstarter, with pledge levels starting at $99.


Martian’s design and engineering teams have strong roots in both the traditional watch industry and IoT connected devices, creating mVoice G2 to appeal to watch and technology enthusiasts alike, striking a seamless balance of classic timepiece design elements and the most useful of smartwatch technology features.

“As a pioneer of smartwatch hybrids since 2012, we are truly proud to see the strong emergence and acceptance of hybrids as an option for consumers who don’t want to sacrifice the style and feel of a traditional watch but still want the benefits of a digitally connected lifestyle,” says Scott Szybala, Vice President of Marketing for Martian Watches. “The mVoice G2 offers engaging smart features designed with authentic hands with minute and hour markers, to retain the three-dimensional DNA of a watch dial. We didn’t want to create another digital dial that simply mimics a traditional watch, we wanted the real thing.”

Power & Convenience

Featuring a low battery-consumption smart display and a SII connected gearbox to provide traditional analog time while connected to a smart crown, mVoice G2 is powered by a single Lithium battery. Users can enjoy up to seven to ten days of smart features and two hours of talk time before needing a charge. The smart crown goes beyond the crown of a traditional watch; it’s rotation allows users to scroll through notifications and enable or disable menu settings via a push.

mVoice G2’s smart display is overlaid with 3D minute and hour markers and mechanical hands that provide users with the current time for up to 60 days per one charge. Smart features such as voice calling or accessing voice assistants like Siri, the Google Assistant or Alexa, which is uniquely enabled in the mVoice G2 App, allow users to ask for directions, request information or services, order products and control smart home devices with voice, hands-free, at home or on the go.  Easily activate voice calling, voice commands and the notification status with a flick of the wrist. Simply enable/disable the “Wrist On” feature in the App and select the preferred voice assistant to be initiated when triggering this unique feature.

“Martian introduced the first analog smartwatch with voice calling and voice commands in 2012.

Since then, voice capabilities and the connected devices utilizing these capabilities have emerged progressively,” says Szybala. “We are very excited to introduce a sophisticated voice hybrid to the market, giving consumers a convenient option to use voice assistants, simply by the natural process of speech.”

Two-way data enables users to receive and reply to emails and texts or set alarms and alerts with a simple voice command or on the digital watch display in the mVoice G2 App. Navigate different custom display faces via the smart crown to scroll through the last 20 messages received, pair other connected or smart home devices and customize App notifications. Calling an Uber, ordering Starbucks, and even shopping on Amazon has never been easier with mVoiceG2.

Discreet VIP notifications are provided via LED and vibration alerts, customizable within the App to allow users to assign up to five colors to five groups of either people or Apps. Users will then know who the alert is from based on color of the LED notification, and can chose when and how to respond at their convenience.

mVoice G2’s SII AB12 gearbox features Auto Time Sync, a stopwatch and features like Do Not Disturb settings and phone leash alerts. Added smartphone camera shutter controls make it easy to take pictures without needing to hold a phone, while weather and world clock settings provide real-time updates from anywhere in the world.

mVoice G2’s rich feature set, convenience and timeless style will keep users connected, informed, and in sync with their digital lifestyle as the use of voice activation and digital assistants continues to grow.

Martian G2 App

The accompanying Martian G2 app makes it easy to customize watch settings and view a quick snapshot of the day. The Home Tab provides a look at VIP setup and contacts, battery life and connection status.

A custom Alexa tab integrates with Alexa directly, allowing users to access Alexa voice assistant from the App or directly from the watch. Once activated in Amazon account settings, Alexa is ready to talk, by either tapping on the Alexa icon in the center of the app page, pressing the top watch pusher to initiate the assistant, or with a simple flick of the wrist if “Wrist On” is enabled.

Additional Features

  • Compatibility with iOS 9.0 or Android 5.0 and above
  • Bluetooth OTA Firmware updates
  • Water Resistance: IP67
  • Supports seven major languages, including: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Magnetic Pogo Charger; charge time 2 hours via wall adapter; 3 hours by USB to PC
  • Interchangeable Leather straps
  • Mineral Crystal Glass
  • MEMS Noise cancelling Microphone
  • Power efficient speaker

mVoice G2 is available today on Kickstarter, with Early Bird pledge levels starting at $99, more than 50 percent off an MSRP of $245.


About Martian Watches:

Martian Watches is a California-based wireless technologies developer that is reshaping how we communicate with friends, family and the world. Best known for its award-winning classic-designed Martian Voice Command and Martian Notifier smartwatch lines, the Martian team has an extensive history in patented Bluetooth development and OEM solutions. For more information on Martian Watches, please visit


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