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9 Oct 2018










Finding the perfect speaker for your home has never been easier thanks to Marshall’s impressive product line-up, and now the brand’s popular Bluetooth speakers have received some serious upgrades.

STOCKHOLM – Oct. 9, 2018 – The line-up consists of three speakers – Acton II Bluetooth, Stanmore II Bluetooth and Woburn II Bluetooth. Each speaker combines advanced components such as class D amplifiers, a bass reflex cabinet system and custom-tuned drivers engineered to provide a balanced and dynamic audio response.

Equipped with an upgraded DSP, all three speakers have improved dynamic range compression. The result is optimal performance at all volume levels. Play as loud as you want without any compromise on the acoustic characteristics.

Bluetooth 5.0 is featured on each of the three speakers, providing a wireless range of up to 30 feet (10 metres). In addition, each speaker offers multi-host functionality, meaning you can easily connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices.

The Marshall Bluetooth app means you can customise your listening experience or control the music you’re listening to via your device. Use the app to switch between EQ presets, set up stereo or ambient mode, and adjust the intensity of the LED lights on the top panel. You can also wake up your speaker or put it into standby mode in a matter of seconds.




Acton II Bluetooth is the smallest speaker in the Marshall line-up, but don’t let its size fool you. This dynamic compact speaker features three dedicated class D amplifiers that power its dual tweeters and subwoofer, for a sound that is nothing short of large. It produces a well balanced, powerful audio experience, yet can fit in the tiniest of spaces.

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Stanmore II Bluetooth is the most versatile speaker in the Marshall line-up and is perfect for any room, big or small. It delivers on the promise of high-performance sound that is synonymous with the Marshall name. Stanmore II Bluetooth produces clean and precise audio, even at the highest levels, due to advanced components such as two 15 watt class D amplifiers powering its tweeters and a 50 watt class D amplifier to drive its mighty subwoofer.

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Delivering a sound that resonates with the presence and power of live music, Woburn II Bluetooth is a carefully crafted machine, designed to attain the trademark Marshall tone. The largest speaker from Marshall, Woburn II Bluetooth features a robust sound and hits high trebles cleanly, handles low bass with ease and has a clear, lifelike mid range. Two tweeters and dual 5.25” subwoofers are individually powered by class D amps for a total of 110 watts of power.

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The Acton II, Stanmore II and Woburn II are available now in black and white colorways for $249, $349 and $499, respectively. The home Bluetooth speaker line-up can be found at

Marshall is a true rock legend. A distinct and expressive sound combined with an iconic stage presence that has inspired music fans around the world for over five decades. This unparalleled amount of wisdom has been distilled and fused into every part of Marshall headphones and speakers. Nothing has been compromised when expanding the Marshall heritage of big stage performance to the individual enjoyment of good music.

The legacy began in a small Hanwell drum shop in 1962, where Jim Marshall sought to give a bunch of then-local guitarists the sound they wanted – a sound that was harder, crunchier and more rich. The result was the JTM45, an amp that reverberated with a sound that was much heavier than anything ever heard before. In a twist of rock and roll fate – those guitarists, much like the Marshall name, would go on to revolutionize music forever.

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