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30 Aug 2018










Revolutionize the way you listen to music. Marshall Voice combines the legendary sound of Marshall with the power of voice to create one of the world’s greatest sounding smart speakers. Play music, schedule reminders, control your smart home and more – all with your voice.

BERLIN – Aug. 30, 2018 – Launching this autumn is Marshall Voice with Amazon Alexa, followed by the Google Assistant later this year. This is just the beginning, with Marshall planning to roll out even more Marshall Voice speakers with other services in the future.

Over 55 years of knowledge has been distilled into every Marshall speaker for an explosive sound that will make any room come alive with music. Each speaker combines advanced components such as class D amplifiers, a bass reflex cabinet system and custom-tuned drivers engineered to provide a balanced and dynamic response. Classic Marshall details such as a textured vinyl covering, salt & pepper fret and the iconic script logo adorn each Marshall Voice speaker.






Just like a roadie, Alexa is there to help while you’re busy doing other things. Can’t remember the name of a song? Say the lyrics and Alexa will find it for you. Looking for information on when your favorite band goes on tour? Just ask. You can even have Alexa remind you when tickets go on sale, help you tune your guitar, learn music theory, test your music knowledge, or catch you up on the latest news. Alexa and Marshall Voice really are a match made in music heaven.

The first two Marshall Voice speakers launching are Acton II Voice with Amazon Alexa and Stanmore II Voice with Amazon Alexa. Both are perfect for any space, small or large.

Stanmore II Voice with Amazon Alexa will be on sale from October 2nd for $399 at, with pre-orders beginning August 30th.

Acton II Voice with Amazon Alexa will be on sale from November 9th for $299 at, with pre-orders beginning October 2nd. Both speakers will initially launch in the U.S. with other countries to follow.

Marshall is a true rock legend. A distinct and expressive sound combined with an iconic stage presence that has inspired music fans around the world for over five decades. This unparalleled amount of wisdom has been distilled and fused into every part of Marshall headphones and speakers. Nothing has been compromised when expanding the Marshall heritage of big stage performance to the individual enjoyment of good music.

The legacy began in a small Hanwell drum shop in 1962, where Jim Marshall sought to give a bunch of then-local guitarists the sound they wanted – a sound that was harder, crunchier and more rich. The result was the JTM45, an amp that reverberated with a sound that was much heavier than anything ever heard before. In a twist of rock and roll fate – those guitarists, much like the Marshall name, would go on to revolutionize music forever.

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