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Lensbaby® Announces Two New Optics for its Optic Swap System

2 Feb 2010

Lensbaby expands creative possibilities with Fisheye and Soft Focus Optics for its Composer, Muse and Control Freak Lenses

Portland, OR – February 2, 2010 – Lensbaby, a manufacturer of award-winning Creative Effects SLR camera lenses, announces the addition of its new Fisheye Optic and Soft Focus Optic to the Lensbaby Optic Swap System. Each new optic is available for use with the Lensbaby Composer®, Muse®* and Control Freak™*.Both the Fisheye and Soft Focus optics give amateur photographers, as well as professionals, a new way to express their creativity and vision.  The lenses and optics are available now from leading retailers everywhere and from www.lensbaby.com/shop.

Lensbaby is traditionally known for selective focus optics that produce an image with one “sweet spot” of sharp focus, surrounded by a gradual blur. “With the introduction of these new optics, Lensbaby is moving beyond the realm of selective focus to offer photographers a Creative Effects SLR lens system, with 6 different optic options. The Fisheye and Soft Focus Optics, unlike earlier Lensbaby optics, do not feature a sweet spot of focus,” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby President and Co-Founder. “The new Fisheye Optic transforms a Lensbaby Composer into a fun fisheye lens and the new Soft Focus Optic creates images that are overall soft and diffused, much like a classic portrait lens. The Lensbaby Optic Swap System now offers three selective focus optics, and three optics that provide even more options for creative photography.”

About the Lensbaby Optic Swap System

The Lensbaby Optic Swap System now features six interchangeable optics that can be swapped in and out of Lensbaby’s Creative Effects SLR Camera lenses, the Muse, the Composer, and the Control Freak. Each optic creates a different type of creative image, giving photographers unlimited freedom to achieve their unique vision.  The Double Glass, Single Glass, and Plastic Optics bring one area of a photo into sharp focus, creating a ‘Sweet Spot’ of sharp focus that is surrounded by beautiful blur.  Photographers can move this Sweet Spot anywhere in their photo by bending their Lensbaby lens.   The other 3 optic options, Fisheye, Soft Focus, and Pinhole/Zone plate create different types of artistic looks but do not feature the Sweet Spot technology.

About the Lensbaby Fisheye Optic

The new Lensbaby Fisheye Optic allows photographers to turn their Lensbaby Composer, Muse* and Control Freak* into a fisheye lens by swapping out the installed optic and dropping the new Fisheye Optic into the lens.  This optic’s ultra-wide 12mm focal length is capable of capturing a 160 degree fisheye angle of view and can focus from infinity all the way down to one-inch from the front of the lens.  When focusing on objects very close to the lens, the fisheye look is exaggerated even further and can create very fun effects. With the Fisheye Optic installed, photographers typically will point their Lensbaby straight ahead to achieve a classic fisheye look.

The Lensbaby Fisheye Optic is available for $149.95 (MSRP).

*A special adapter is required to use the Fisheye Optic with the Lensbaby Muse and Control Freak. The Fisheye Optic when used with the Control Freak has limited functionality and is best suited for close-up macro work.

Fisheye Optic Product Specs:

  • Focal Length: 12mm
  • Six element multi-coated optical design
  • f/4 optic with removable aperture disks that drop into the front of the lens, that range from f/5.6 to f/22
  • Focuses from one inch to infinity
  • Features unique lens flare capability
  • Removable disk aperture system
  • To change aperture, unscrew top element of Fisheye Optic and remove with Aperture Tool.  The aperture disk sits atop the bottom element

About the Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic

The Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic works with Lensbaby’s Creative Effects SLR camera lenses, the Composer, Muse and Control Freak.  Images created with the 50mm focal length Soft Focus Optic feature a soft and diffused appearance. The Soft Focus Optic creates a velvety soft image perfect for portraits, flowers, landscapes or any subject that needs a soft touch.

The Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic is available for $89.95 (MSRP).

Soft Focus Optic Product Specs:

  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Multi-coated optical glass doublet
  • f/2 optic with aperture disks that range from f/2.8 to f/22
  • Removable magnetic disk aperture system
  • Creates images that are overall soft and diffused
  • Suited for variety of soft focus applications such as portrait, landscape, urban, and botanical photography
  • Degree of softness can be controlled by changing the special apertures, or stacking them with regular Lensbaby aperture disks

For more information about the new Lensbaby optics and the Lensbaby Optic Swap system, please visit www.lensbaby.com or contact PR Representative Jessica Darrican at jessica@maxborgesagency.com or 305-576-1171 x.16.

About Lensbaby

Lensbaby is a Portland, Oregon based manufacturer of award-winning Creative Effects SLR camera lenses.  Lensbaby was launched in February 2004 by Craig Strong, a professional photographer and the inventor of the patented Lensbaby Creative Effects SLR lens system.  Lensbaby sells to photographers all over the world through its website, www.lensbaby.com, by calling 877-536-7222 / 971-223-5662, at tradeshows, in leading photo retailers and through a growing global network of international distributors.  The new Fisheye and Soft Focus Optics are available for immediate purchase from Lensbaby.com/shop or from the following retailers: Adorama.com, Amazon.com, bhphotovideo.com and Crutchfield.com

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