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Klique Survey Reveals Anxiety Surrounding Making Connections in Holiday Season

8 Dec 2016

Do you feel nervous sparking up friendly conversation? You’re not alone. New survey shows 60% of people want to connect with new people, but 18% would rather clean a toilet than chat up a stranger

  MIAMI – Just in time for the holiday season, Klique, the app creating a fun and safer way for people to expand their social circle, released the results from their national survey. The survey explores how people – whether single or in a relationship – feel about making new connections. Even though the holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration, they are also notorious for making people feel alone. Health and social experts recommend connecting with others to curb the holiday blues and make the season merrier, but this can be challenging for many.

 The Klique survey shows that 60 percent of people are interested in meeting new people and expanding their social circle, but 18 percent would still rather clean a toilet than approach a stranger and spark up a friendly conversation. About 20 percent call meeting new people “harder than selling snow to a snowman.” Millennials are also most interested in making new connections, while Baby Boomers are more hesitant to expand their social circles.

 For the more details, including demographic information and more, check out the full Klique survey here .

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