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Klique Puts Safety First with National Debut of Group Meet Up App with a Cause

13 Sep 2016

Klique launches group-based social app, joining with White House initiative It’s On Us to help encourage bystander intervention on campus, while giving student groups a fun and safe way to make new friends.

MIAMI, FL – Klique, a first-of-its-kind app that helps users meet new people with their friends by their side, has launched nationally just in time for back-to-school season at college campuses across the country. Klique app is a fun and safer way for groups of friends to expand their social circle together and connect with new people.

With the national launch of the app, Klique has partnered with It’s On Us, an organization focused on educating, engaging, and empowering students to become leaders in the movement to end sexual assault. It’s On Us works to increase bystander intervention and consent education in order to help improve safety on college campuses. The app encourages users to go out with friends, leaving with their klique and always coming back with their klique.

Recent campus incidents have made safety and prevention a substantial priority for colleges across the country. Joining the charge, Klique is partnering with It’s On Us to serve as their mobile platform for safe social networking. Klique will play a vital role in the organization’s back-to-school initiatives, leading the charge to encourage bystander intervention and promote group safety.

It’s On Us gained national recognition after Lady Gaga’s dedication and pledge for support during her 2016 Oscar performance. After witnessing the impact of the performance, Klique founder and CEO Matt Crown made it his mission to get involved. He says, “We are proud to take a stand with It’s On Us to pledge and encourage our users to step in and stop situations from occurring through bystander intervention. Klique app is all about creating a safe way to make friends in a group setting.  The app creates safety in numbers and emphasizes the idea that if you go out with your klique, you come back with your klique. It’s about looking out for each other, while still enjoying the experience of meeting new people, which is part of what college is all about.”

Through campus-wide efforts, Klique will work with It’s On Us to engage students across the country to begin and maintain discussions about consent and bystander intervention, as well as work to create an environment to support survivors. Events will be intertwined into orientation education programs, with the ultimate goal of evolving consent and bystander intervention education into a set standard for students nationwide.

In addition to being involved in campus programs and serving as a mobile app vehicle for the organization, Klique has made a fiscal pledge of donating $2 to It’s On Us for every Klique group created on the app within the first 30 days of the national launch through their “Klique for a Cause” initiative. Additionally, a call to action to take the It’s On Us pledge will be at the forefront of all Klique social platforms and events to raise awareness.

Rebecca Kaplan, Director of It’s On Us, looks forward to the Klique collaboration and says, “It’s On Us is excited to partner with Klique as they expand to hundreds of campuses and cities nationwide. We’re grateful that Klique is using their platform to spark conversations about bystander intervention and a culture of consent.”

Klique App

Klique app lets you and your friends meet new people and make new friends together, all in a fun and non-awkward (non-dating) setting. Klique is based on a ‘match and meet new people’ concept, so you have the advantage of swiping through local, nearby kliques to chat or hang out with before meeting people in person. Klique is now available for iOS and Android. Here’s how it works:

Step 1- Two-Second Sign Up: There is no lengthy signup process, no profiles or questionnaires to fill out. You just use your Facebook to verify your name, age, photo and gender.

Step 2- Create Your Group of Friends: Invite your friends to join a klique of two to five people.










Step 3- Let the Swiping Begin: Once a friend accepts, everyone in that group will see other groups in the same area. It’s that simple: Match-Meet-Klique. Group members can then swipe right if they are interested in connecting and left if not. If one person from each group swipes right, it’s a match and a push notification is sent to all group members instantly.










Step 4- Start the Chat, Then Meet: After the groups make a connection, a group chat comes up where they can say hi, chat and text each other, share their mutual interests or set up a meet up of both groups. And always remember to go out with your klique and come back with your klique.










Klique: My Klique. Your Klique. We Klique.

Klique takes digital networking to the next level, integrating a group-based platform to help friends chat in a safer, more organic and comfortable setting. With Klique, groups of users are able to seamlessly select and organize group outings with the simple-to-use application. To learn more about Klique, visit Klique.com.

It’s On Us

It’s On Us is a national campaign aimed at fundamentally shifting the way we think about sexual assault. The campaign is a rallying cry inviting everyone to step up and realize the solution begins with us.  To date, over 360,000 people have taken the It’s On Us pledge and students have hosted 1,400 It’s On Us events on 534 campuses nationwide. Please visitItsOnUs.org to take the pledge.



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