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5 Aug 2015

GRIDLEY, CAL. – AUG.  5, 2015 – Kingii, the world’s smallest wrist-worn flotation aid, continues swimming upstream towards its ultimate goal of ending global drowning rates once and for all. Water-enthusiasts worldwide have already pledged more than half a million dollars for the production and distribution of the wearable. Since exceeding the original $65,000 goal more than nine times over, the Kingii team will make the device even more durable by installing a Living Hinge onto the device. This type of hinge is often used throughout the medical industry and the military for its long life and resistance to harsh environments.

“The Personal Flotation Device Manufacturers Association reports that more than 85% of drowning victims had access to a life jacket, but they chose not to wear one, proving the need for another type of water safety alternative,” said Tom Agapiades, Founder of Kingii. “We’re excited that we’ve raised awareness for the importance of water safety, and that every Kingii sold helps reduce the risks of drowning accidents.”

Due to its high demand and the continued interest from retailers, Kingii has extended its Indiegogo campaign for an additional 24 days. All backers who pledged during the first round will receive the newly enhanced design.

Implementing the Living Hinge allows for the following improvements:

  • The nylon inflatable will now be even more resilient and durable
  • The pouch holding the inflatable is even smaller and more comfortable
  • Packing the inflatable into the holding pouch will be simpler for the user
  • The chances of accidental deployment of the inflatable are highly decreased
  • Both the pouch and the inflatable will have a much longer life span

 Current Kingii Indiegogo consumer packages include:

  • Save Yourself Package: One Kingii unit, plus two Kingii Cylinders ($79)
  • Save Your Friend Package: Two Kingii units, plus four Kingii Cylinders ($155)
  • Save Your Family Package: Four Kingii units, plus eight Kingii Cylinders ($381)
  • Impact Package: Ten Kingii units, plus 20 Kingii Cylinders ($749)
  • Kingii Recharge Package: Two Kingii Cylinders ($6)
  • Kingii Family Recharge Package: Five Kingii Cylinders ($14)

Current Kingii Indiegogo retailer packages include:

  • Big Impact Retailer Package: 20 Kingii units, plus 40 Kingii Cylinders ($1,399)
  • Kingii Merchant Package: 100 Kingii Units + 200 Kingii Cylinders ($6,499)
  • Kingii Merchant XXL Package: 500 Kingii Units + 1,000 Kingii Cylinders ($29,999)

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Kingii is the world’s smallest flotation device that revolutionizes water safety for all. After his best friend tragically drowned, Kingii’s founder, Tom Agapiades, set out to develop a more convenient water buoyancy aid that provided more comfort than traditional life vests and other inflatables. The result was Kingii, a simple wrist band that only needed to be activated when a user was in danger. Through this simple device, Agapiades and his team continue advocating and revolutionizing water safety throughout Europe and the United Sates. For more information, visit or


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