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Keep Charging and Know Your Power with Power Practical, Introducing the Lithium 4400

29 Oct 2013

Rechargeable battery charges your device up to three different times and doubles as a lantern, lighting up all your adventures


Salt Lake City, Utah – (October 29, 2013)Power Practical, a Salt Lake City based group of engineers, entrepreneurs, and outdoor enthusiasts as well as the makers of the PowerPot®, announce the Lithium 4400. Power Practical’s latest innovation in energy products keeps you charging anytime, anywhere. The dual-utility lithium ion rechargeable battery doubles as a lantern, charging your smartphone up to three times at maximum speed and lighting up your adventures.

Compact in size, the Lithium 4400 is the perfect companion for any indoor or outdoor endeavour. Simply throw it in your backpack or pocket, and carry it with you anywhere so that you’re never off the grid. A 3-in-1 fast charging cable is included and compatible with iOS devices, micro & mini USB.  The 3-in-1 fast charging cable can be used with any other device and cuts down charge times by up to 75%, keeping you powered up longer. The Lithium 4400 can be recharged via any computer and USB port, as well as PowerPot V. It’s available for $59.00 at www.powerpractical.com and retailers throughout the country.

Lithium 4400: http://www.thepowerpot.com/product/lithium-4400-battery-bank?ref=cat_img

The Lithium 4400 rapidly charges and discharges into your phone or camera at 1-Amp – faster than most batteries in the market within its price range. Your smartphone will 100% charge within just 60-90 minutes. The LED lantern also serves as a battery life indicator to show you how much juice you got left before needing to recharge, so you can always know your power and never fall off the grid. Once discharged, the battery takes four hours to recharge to its full power supply.

The built-in 4 LED lantern brightens up any outdoor/ indoor situation, like trying to read a book in your tent or in bed at home. Included with the Lithium 4400, the 3-in-1 fast charging cables keep you charging smarter, not longer. Engineered to maximize charging speeds, the 3-in-1 fast charging cables optimize the way you use power.

“We live in a world that’s solely based on energy and power,” says Matt Ford, CEO of Power Practical. “It’s important that no matter where you are, you have a source of power to utilize at all times. That’s why we made the Lithium 4400. A step up from the 1800, which only powers you up once, the 4400’s dual-utility powers you up on three different occasions, as well as lighting up your path if you need it. To have that in your pocket is power made practical.”

Charging most devices at full speed (like a wall outlet), the Lithium 4400 will charge action cameras, flashlights & headlamps, smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, any USB device. The Lithium 4400 is now shipping and available for $59.00 at www.powerpractical.com and various retailers throughout the U.S http://www.thepowerpot.com/content/store-locator-powerpot-dealer-where-buy


About Power Practical :
Power Practical is a Salt Lake City based group of engineers, entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts who emphasize diversity in energy resources by developing innovative, effective and affordable energy products to keep you connected anywhere, anytime. There are areas of the world that simply fall off the grid, suffering from power outages and unavailable energy resources. With Power Practical, you are never off the grid and always powered up, no matter where in the world you keep charging.

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