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Kano, STEM Category Leader, Makes CES Debut With Full Suite of Creative Coding Kits

8 Jan 2018

Experience Kano’s new build-it-yourself Camera Kit, on display for the first time at Pepcom and the Sands booth 43361

LAS VEGAS – Kano, creator of computer and coding kits for all ages, makes its CES debut this week.

Its new computers, which you make yourself –the Computer Kit Complete, Motion Sensor Kit, and Pixel Kit— teach beginners how to build devices, and to code art, games, lights, Minecraft, music, and more.

Kano will also reveal the latest prototype of its Camera Kit, a codable, build-it-yourself digital camera. Play with Kano’s range of kits and be one of the first to see the new Camera Kit at Pepcom or Sands booth 43361.

During 2017 Kano cemented its position as STEM category leader, raising $28M in Series B funding, one of the largests hardware financing in Europe last year. The company also launched a full range of creative coding kits in more than 4,500 retail stores including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Toys R Us, and was named one of Fast Company’s most innovative companies in consumer electronics.

Now, over 200,00 computer builders worldwide have coded and shared more than 380,000 applications, artworks, songs and games thanks to Kano’s suite of DIY coding kits.

The Camera Kit, originally brought to life via Kickstarter, is a powerful codeable camera anyone can make. It demystifies imagery and lets makers write their own photo filters, make data-driven GIFs, manipulate image capture, and more. Kano has now opened a registration page for those interested to get notified once the camera becomes widely available.

“Our goal is to open up technology, so that anyone can understand and shape it,” said Alex Klein, co founder and CEO of Kano. “We are thrilled to bring simple, playful, creative computing to CES for the first time.”

What began as a challenge from a 6-year-old cousin, and a $100K crowdfunding goal in 2013, resulted in a $1.5 million campaign on Kickstarter, supported by the likes of Steve Wozniak, helping the company launch the original Computer Kit. Kano has since become the first end-to-end computing company with creativity at the core. Its three principles are simple steps, storytelling and creative play.  

Visit Kano at the Sands booth 43361 or meet us as the Pepcom Digital Experience to code your photo filters with the new Camera Kit, build your own computer, hack Minecraft and code art, lights and games with the Computer Kit Complete, make lights dance with the Pixel Kit and transform real-world movements into fun games and art with the Motion Sensor Kit.

About Kano
Kano is a London-based company that empowers people of all ages to make, learn and play with computing, rather than just consume it. Its first “computer anyone can make” has shipped to 86 countries around the world to people, ages 6 to 81, who have used it to make PCs, screens, radios, artwork, music, games, Minecraft hacks and more. Beginners have shared more than 45 million lines of code have been shared to its online community, Kano World, where anyone can try out Kano’s apps for free.

Kano was founded by Alex Klein, Yonatan Raz-Fridman and Saul Klein and after its initial record-breaking Kickstarter campaign was joined by investors including Jim Breyer, Marc Benioff, Martin Sorrell, Index Ventures, James Higa, Troy Carter, John Makinson, Shana Fisher, and others. To learn more about Kano, visit: http://kano.me.

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