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Kanex 10 foot MHL Adapter and MHL Passive Cable Now Available

14 Dec 2011

View media from MHL-equipped mobile device onto an HDTV or MHL-equipped TV in HD 1080p picture quality and digital surround sound

Brea, CA – December 14, 2011 – Kanex, makers of innovative connectivity solutions to enhance media transfer and sharing, is excited to announce the availability of its new 10 foot MHL Adapter and 10 foot MHL Passive Cable.  With companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Toshiba, and Sony using MHL connections on popular devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Infuse 4G, HTC EVO 3D, HTC Sensation 4G, HTC Flyer, HTC EVO View 4G and LG Nitro HD, MHL is expected to become the new industry standard for audio/video interface to connect mobile phones to HD TVs and displays.*

“As more MHL-enabled products enter the market, having the right accessories in place is an important piece of the ecosystem,” said Tim Wong, President of MHL, LLC.  “The release of the 10ft MHL-to-HDMI adapter cables and 10ft MHL enables for legacy and MHL-enabled TVs from vendors such as Kanex gives users greater flexibility and convenience when using MHL technology inside their homes or offices – whether it’s playing games, showing presentations or watching movies.”

The new state of the art 10 foot MHL Adapter and MHL Passive Cable allows users to view videos, games, photos and other media from their mobile device directly onto an HDTV in high definition (HD) 1080p at 60Hz picture quality and 7.1 channel surround sound.  The 10 foot MHL Adapter is ideal for extending connectivity and converting a HDTV into a desktop by connecting a mouse and keyboard.

The 10 foot MHL Passive Cable is designed exclusively for MHL-enabled HDTV displays such as the Toshiba WL800A, Samsung UN46D7000 and upcoming 2012 HDTVs.  Kanex’s MHL Passive Cable allows users to turn MHL-enabled devices into a full-featured home entertainment system with reduced cable clutter and extended connectivity.  Additionally, the MHL Passive Cable enables the TV’s remote control to manage the MHL-equipped device and access its content.  While in MHL mode, the MHL-equipped device is charged at a rate of 5 volts/500 mA of power that is simultaneously provided from the MHL-equipped HDTV.

Both the 10 foot MHL Adapter and Passive Cable utilize the phone’s existing micro USB port to create a HDMI interface from the portable device while simultaneously charging it.  The mobile device will mirror the content to the HDTV, and will enable operation of the mobile device in MHL mode so users can continue to receive calls, email and more.

The 10 foot MHL Adapter and MHL Passive Cable are available now for $34.95 and $14.99 respectively at www.KanexLive.com.

See the new 10 foot MHL HDMI Adapter and Passive Cable at CES in Booth #3712 North Hall iLounge Pavilion.

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