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iSkin Unveils Brand New Fashion Line for Tablets and Notebooks

20 Jan 2011

Q.West Collection features fresh and stylish tech bags made from premium leathers and nylons

TORONTO, Canada—January 20, 2011—iSkin, top maker of premium accessories for tech gadgets, is thrilled to unveil a new and fashionable collection of bags, sleeves and folios for tablets and notebooks.

The Q.West Collection features 16 gadget carriers that infuse runway appeal to the traditional “tech bag”. iSkin selects premium textiles and leathers from unlikely fashion sources, such as outerwear and automobiles, to recreate a durable and portable collection of pouches, folios and carriers. The collection melds new influences from fashion runways and hip elements previously seen in iSkin products. Although designed with Apple products in mind, the Q.West Collection fits similar-sized mobile, camera, tablet and notebook computer models.


Razor Back
The ultimate statement for the irrepressibly hip, Razor Back boldly deconstructs the backpack tradition. Multiple pockets cleverly turn this super-slim, high-gloss nylon carrier into a whole universe: transport your notebook, iPad and other electronics in one fashionable take.
Stands out in 1 color: Black
MSRP $160.00 USD

The Shelby’s classic design on the outside but cunning compartments on the inside, means individual homes for your notebook and iPad, plus oodles of room for everything else. Made in premium semi-gloss microfine nylon, the Shelby has water-sealed technical zippers to keep your gadgets safe and dry.
Comes in 5 hip colors: Black, Olive, Midnight Blue, Purple, Red
MSRP $195.00 USD

Free up your commutes with the unique and asymmetrically cut Sling. Challenging the boundaries of portable carriers, Sling lends retro-modern detailing and serious protection to your iPad and other stuff. A mobile phone pocket in front adds to ease of travel, semi-gloss premium microfine nylon adds to the compelling contour.
Comes in 5 vibrant colors: Black, Red, Midnight Blue, Purple, Yellow, Olive
MSRP $125.00 USD


Specially designed for those weekend frequent fliers, the Jimmy’s compartmentally padded, spacious rooms are just what you need to carry your essentials without weighing yourself down. Premium microfine nylon in semi-gloss finish and retro-modern detailing sets your weekend trips in style.
Arrives in 3 classic colors: Black, Olive, Charcoal
MSRP $260.00 USD

Mini Jimmy
This elite, small Boston bag, made of premium microfine nylon in semi-gloss finish and retro-modern detailing, packs all the style, function and features you want for those everyday jaunts.
Available in 4 classic colors: Charcoal, Purple, Black, Olive
MSRP $180.00 USD

Taylor Tote
The supple, sophisticated Taylor Tote is wonderfully lightweight, with comfy padded shoulders. And, best of all, its multiple interior pockets neatly compartmentalize mobile devices and other essentials. Made in high-gloss, premium Italian nylon, Taylor Tote carries your iPad, notebook and other belongings in style.
Comes in 5 chic tones: Black, Crimson, Olive, Purple, White
MSRP $185.00 USD


Lil Keeper
Capture moments with the handy, multi-purpose Lil Keeper. The pinnacle of lightweight and compact, this cushioned Italian nylon pouch comes with a lanyard, ensuring your camera or mobile device is ready for action.
Arrives in 5 cute colors: Black, Crimson, Midnight Blue, Olive, Purple
MSRP $49.00 USD


Summit 13/Summit 15
Space-age, sexy and cozy: the Summit 13 and Summit 15 are all that. Made in quilted, high-gloss Italian nylon, its playful padding also ensures ample protection for your 13” or 15” notebook. A detachable messenger strap ensures you get to strut your stuff.
Arrives in 6 fashionable tones: Crimson, Black, Midnight Blue, Olive, Purple, White
MSRP $120.00 USD (13”) /$150.00 USD (15”)


A soft approach to portability, Summit keeps your iPad in a soft, water-resistant sleeve. Made in premium Italian nylon with a high-gloss finish, Vislon® heavy-gauge retro zippers and a detachable messenger strap finish this space-age, sexy sleeve.
Comes in 5 luscious colors: Crimson, Black, Midnight Blue, Olive, Purple, White
MSRP $95.00 USD

3 Degree
Practical protection comes with this stylish, lightweight, ultra soft, on-the-go sleeve. Premium Italian microfine nylon in a semi-gloss finish and retro-modern detailing complete this iPad carrier.
Comes in 5 confident tones: Black, Yellow, Midnight Blue, Red, Purple, Olive
MSRP $80.00 USD

Ballistic was created for those who prefer a sportier sleeve for their iPad. This tough, water-resistant sleeve, made in ballistic nylon and with a technical zipper protection, offers slim, protective functionality with luxurious designer fashion.
Comes in 2 handsome hues: Black, Pewter
MSRP $90.00 USD

The clearly contemporary Memo is beautifully crafted in resilient hi-tech leather. A slim sleeve with a strong elastic belt secures your iPad. Plus Memo has a bonus feature—its internal microfiber lining frees your iPad of dust with each use.
Comes in 5 radiant colors: Fuchsia, Cobalt, Silver, Black, Gunmetal
MSRP $110.00 USD

Monty seals the deal. Its chic material elegantly encloses your iPad with two studs that firmly hold everything in place, while an interior microfiber lining frees your device of dust with each use.
Comes in 1 ideal color: Black
MSRP $49.99 USD


Bookworm SE
A highly crafted folio with a unique, supple texture, Bookworm Special Edition (SE) uses premium, hi-tech leather to heighten its appeal. Your iPad is secured on all corners with taut, superior strength elastic, and cushioned beneath with a microfiber pad.
Comes in 3 handsome colors: Silver, Gunmetal, Metallic Denim
MSRP $125.00 USD

A classic design in genuine leather defines Bookworm for iPad. All corners of your iPad are well-secured with taut, superior strength elastic. A microfiber pad firmly cushions your iPad beneath.
Comes in 4 beautiful colors: Black, Vanilla, Midnight Navy, Brown
MSRP $99.99 USD

The Q.West Collection will be available soon at select premium retailers and at More information about the lineup is available at

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