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iPads Survive Drop From 1300 Feet Skydiving and are Undamaged After Being Tossed From a 113 mph Speeding Car

15 Nov 2011

G-Form announces its Reactive Protection Technology, proven to sustain incredible drops, is also now available for Kindle Fire and other 7” tablets

PROVIDENCE, RI (November 15, 2011) – G-Form, an athletic gear company, known for its revolutionary impact absorbing RPT™ (Reactive Protection Technology) and for having the most rugged electronics protection on the planet, performed some extreme demonstrations of its technology by Skydiving with iPads in their latest Extreme Edge and Extreme Portfolio cases, and then tossing them from a 113 mph speeding car onto pavement.

In a new video, skydivers use iPads protected in G-Form’s Extreme Edge™ and Extreme Portfolio™ cases while free falling from 13,000 feet AGL and then drop them to the ground from about 1300 feet without any damage.

Skydiving Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4tsYqjJQ88

In a second demonstration, the G-Form RPT™ flexible technology protects an iPad thrown onto pavement from a speeding sports car at 113 mph impacting the iPad screen face down and then on virtually every corner of an Extreme Edge™ case.

“People inevitably ask how our cases do on asphalt and with corner drops,” mentions Thom Cafaro, VP of Innovations at G-Form.  “We felt like this would be the ultimate test to demonstrate our technology in that situation.  You can watch the iPad violently bounce, roll and flip on the pavement at high speed and not sustain even a scratch.  If you don’t see it on the video there is no way you would believe that the any technology could protect an exposed tablet from this type of impact”

Thrown from speeding car Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1_FmS-ErXs

The Extreme PortfolioTM and Extreme EdgeTM are composed almost entirely of G-Form’s RPT™ material – a revolutionary composite, blending PORON®XRD™ material with other proprietary G-Form materials and technology– the products are covered by well over a dozen G-Form patent filings.  The RPT™ absorbs over 90% of the energy of an impact and at the same time momentarily stiffens to act like armor to offer the highest level of protection for your electronics.

These new extreme demonstrations of G-Forms RPT™ technology accompany its announcement that the company has expanded its product line for the new Kindle Fire, Nook and other 7” tablet devices.  The Extreme PortfolioTM, Extreme EdgeTM, and Extreme SleeveTM  for 7” tablets are now all available for pre-order on the company’s web-site www.G-Form.com and will ship beginning December 1st.  These new 7” cases not only fit the new Kindle Fire and Nook but because of the flexible technology also accommodate other 7” tablets such as Acer Iconia Tab A100, HTC Flyer, and the Blackberry Playbook.

All of G-Form’s electronic protective cases are fully designed and manufactured in the United States of America.  The Extreme PortfolioTM, Extreme EdgeTM, and Extreme SleeveTM for the Kindle Fire and other 7” tablets will be available on G-Form’s website (www.g-form.com) for $39.95, $34.95, $29.95 respectively in both yellow and black.

G-Form also makes a full line of cases to fit almost any sized laptop computer that can also be found at www.g-form.com and through a network of global distributors.

For more information on G-Form and these new products, please contact PR representative Kristen Bean at kristenbean@maxborgesagency.com or 305-576-1171 x 123.

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G-Form is committed to changing the state of the art in athletic and electronics protection.  Founded by athletes who use the products and compete, G-Form’s new technology including RPT™ – Reactive Protective Technology is truly Impact Protection, Revolutionized. http://www.g-form.com 



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