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Introducing the Ecosol Powerstick V2 a Smart & Sleek Portable USB Charger

11 Oct 2008


Ottawa, Canada – October 11, 2008 – Ecosol Solar Technologies Inc., the leader in intelligent energy storage and solutions, has unveiled the state of the art Powerstick V2, a USB-powered portable charger for mobile devices. The Powerstick is both a backup power source for electronics, such as cell phones, Blackberries, iPods, digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets, the new 3G iPhones, and a universal charger for all these devices.

The Powerstick is an essential tool for the mobile, digital world. One Powerstick charges all your devices, eliminating the need for more than one charger. Charge your Powerstick to 90% full power in 90 minutes or less. The Powerstick can be powered up from any USB port in the world. This means the Powerstick can be charged from sources such as laptops, desktop computers, airplane seats, car dashboards, or car stereos, and then used to charge mobile devices; no disposable batteries or wall chargers are required. Unlike other chargers the Powerstick won’t consume what it doesn’t need; it is the first intelligent charger. In addition, the Powerstick does not consume energy if it remains plugged into a USB once full; the automatic sleep mode feature saves energy when it is not in use.

“While designing the Powerstick V2, we wanted to provide consumers with a stylish device that would provide  everyday practicality,” says Andrew Kular, CEO of Ecosol Solar Technologies Inc. “Our end result is the V2, which is a smart and visually appealing device that is very efficient and 100% environmentally sound. We feel that to help the planet we must be smarter with our resources and our technology.”

The Powerstick V2 comes with nine free adaptors is now available nationally at Best Buy, and The Ecosol Powerstick V2 has a MSRP of $59.99 (US) & $69.99 (Canada) and can be purchased in black or white.

To request additional information or images of the Powerstick, please contact PR Representative Jessica Darrican at (305) 576-1171 x16 For more information on Ecosol or the Powerstick, please visit or

About Ecosol

Founded in 1996, Ecosol technology is paving the way for alternative energy sources in everyday applications. The company is committed to working towards systems and designs that reduce the most significant environmental aspects of the energy life cycle while still providing high quality solutions. Ecosol works aggressively to drive the evolution to more efficient and sustainable devices that seamlessly integrate into our lifestyles. By pushing the boundaries of technology, Ecosol’s intelligent energy innovations are creating new opportunities to expand alternative energies into new markets and applications.

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