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Infogix Helps Enterprises Extend the Life of Their Mainframe Environments

31 Aug 2012

Infogix ACR 4.4 information controls software provide early detection of inaccurate data to reduce errors and improve operational efficiencies

NAPERVILLE, Ill. – August 31, 2012 – InfogixInc., a developer of software that helps businesses automate the monitoring and analysis of business data, today announced the availability of the new version of its Infogix ACR information controls software. Infogix ACR 4.4 enables companies to establish automated information controls to ensure data processing done within their mainframe environments is accurate, consistent and reliable, while preventing IT costs from rising by making better use of existing mainframe applications and databases.

“The mainframe remains the stalwart of many enterprises’ IT environments, and there’s no better way for CIOs to meet the constant challenge of keeping costs down than avoiding new purchases by making existing systems more efficient and capable,” said Bobby Koritala, senior vice president of operations, Infogix. “Infogix ACR 4.4 can help enterprises extend the life of their mainframe environments by providing the automated information controls and reporting capabilities that enable the early detection of data inaccuracies required to prevent errors and improve operations.”

Infogix Controls Software
Relying on spreadsheets and other manual processes to monitor information as it flows across disparate IT systems and into or out of an enterprise inevitably leads to errors and trouble. Billing mistakes, inaccurate statements, false financial reports, missed payments, among other problems created by letting data errors slip through systems lead to lost revenue and customers, damage to a company’s reputation and heavy fines as the result of falling out of compliance with relevant industry regulations and laws governing information management. Implementing automated controls eliminates those data errors, saves money and provide business leaders with the information they need to analyze a company’s key performance indicators in critical processes.

Infogix ACR 4.4, developed for mainframe and host-based environments, is part of the Infogix Controls Suite that also includes InfogixAssure for distributed environments and InfogixER to facilitate operational, financial and general ledger reconciliation.

Infogix ACR 4.4 Features

Infogix relies heavily on its customers to guide its product development, and the new features included in ACR 4.4 are no exception. These new features include:

  • easier process for  interface installation, particularly for the IBM z/OS interface
  • simpler information extraction, eliminating the hassle of having to use multiple select instructions
  • managing controls has simplified with the ability to track who changed specific controls, and when
  • the ability to create reports in a preferred format including sub-totals and totals with the revisions to the free form report. Previously, the User Report could include sub-totals, but the format was limited to columns. ACR 4.4 allows for the placement of data where the report creator wants it, and the new totals enable the report creator to accumulate values directly in the report.

WebsterBank, based in Waterbury, Conn., first implemented Infogix ACR in 2004, and expects the new features of ACR 4.4 will improve efficiencies in the reporting process.

“The addition of the key break functionality in particular will allow us to take our customized reporting to the next level to better compete with other reporting tools,” said Stephanie Brockway, Lead Systems Analyst Programmer, Webster Bank. “We have always been able to do the hard-core reconciliation work but have not necessarily always been able to meet all reporting requests for the reconciliation results.  Being able to add totaling for different key levels will allow us to better report out reconciliation results and meet user requirements.”

The Mainframe Is Not Obsolete

According to a March 2012 report by Compuware Corporation, the mainframe’s lifespan is not as short as many believe it to be[1]. Compuware surveyed over 500 CIOs on mainframe use in the enterprise. According to the survey findings, available in the white paper “MainframeSuccession: LongLivetheMainframe,” 78 percent of respondents believe the mainframe will remain a key business asset over the next decade, even as they struggle to find experienced mainframe developers.

“The most effective way for a company to keep IT budgets in check without hurting employee productivity is by updating and maintaining existing systems instead of purchasing and implementing new ones,” added Nijhawan. “Our customers mirror the broader IT trend of ‘doing more with less,’ so we will continue to add new features to Infogix ACR to ensure companies can adopt new technologies like cloud computing services without sacrificing effective information controls.”

Infogix ACR 4.4 is available now. For more information, please follow this link to view a webinar on the new features :

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[1] “Mainframe Succession: Long Live the Mainframe,” © 2012 Compuware Corporation